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Hysolate offers advanced endpoint security through virtual environments.


Enterprise customers looking for a scalable product that easily integrates into their ecosystem.

What is Hysolate?

The Hysolate Platform automatically turns end-user devices into the world’s first software-defined endpoints, in which each endpoint has multiple isolated virtual environments. Endpoints are built on top of a slim hypervisor layer that sits below the operating system. Everything an end-user does happens in specified local virtualized desktops—for example, one that’s limited to sensitive corporate data and another that allows emails and Internet browsing. The environments run locally, side-by-side on the same device, yet are fully isolated. Applications and services automatically launch in the correct, designated virtual environment, making the experience seamless for end-users.


  • Operating System Isolation allows everything to be done in one of a few virtualized operating systems. All systems run locally, side-by-side, with full separation, giving no single environment any control over the others
  • Granular USB control allows IT admins to define which devices are permitted and in which virtual environments it can connect to
  • Hypervisor-based VNP allows users to work remotely using an in built virtual private network, omitting the security concerns of a VNP running on the clients operating system.
  • Sensitive information protections mean admins are able to classify data based on its sensitivity. They can also define how the data can be shared, what end-users are able to do with it and which environments it can be copied to, or from
  • Isolated environments allow for a secure payment system that does not need to run on a separate machine from the rest of the work environment
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