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Inky provides advanced protection against phishing attempts.


Blocking email threats such as spam, malware, and phishing attacks.

What is Inky?

Inky is a cloud based email security solution. It blocks spam, malware and most importantly, phishing attacks. Inky uses unique computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to catch email threats. Inky places warning banners directly in the email, offering guidance for suspicious emails. It integrates into Office 365 organization wide within minutes, and is also compatible with Exchange and Office 365. Their advanced dashboard gives you complete visibility, tracking email threats being blocked.


  • Banners offer warnings to users on phishing attacks
  • All incoming email is automatically checked against over two dozen computer vision and text analysis models, so even the most convincing forgeries get blocked
  • Protects agaist both spear phishing and brand forgery attacks
  • Deploys organization wide in 1-2 hours
  • Works on all email clients on all devices
  • Allows employees to report phishing attacks
  • Real-time analysis engine does not slow down mail delivery

Email Security Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Email Security for Business. Discover the different email security technologies, how they work and what the best option is for your organization.

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Jul 2, 2019


"Easy to use phishing detection"

What did you like best when using this solution?

The banners on INKY are awesome! Suspicious emails have a red banner placed across the top to warn users. Users are quickly alerted to suspect emails and the banners work on desktop and mobile without any extra plugins being required. Banners can also be configured to appear on all emails with the option of users being able to report suspect emails.

What is super cool, is that when a user replies to an email that contains a banner, the external recipient doesn't see the banner - INKY strip it out so that 3rd parties can't see it.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

Setting up the services requires 15 mail flow rules to be configured on Office 365. This was a pain as we already had lots of mail flow rules and it was confusing setting up Inky.

Describe your over overall experience with INKY. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

We have been impressed with Inky and how it detects phishing emails. We have previously had issues with users clicking on links in phishing emails and Inky has reduced this problem. My only criticism is the spam filtering on Inky - it is crude and we turned it off.