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Website recording, heatmaps and A/B testing of website visitors.


Midsized businesses looking for a way to monitor how people are using the site and identify website errors to increase conversions

What is Inspectlet?

Inspectlet is a website conversion tool with a core focus on monitoring user behaviour. Monitoring how users navigate your website can be a great way to spot usability issues and bugs. It can also help you to streamline the user journey – and by doing so maximise conversion rates. Inspectlet monitors behaviour through a range of different methods. This includes session recording and a variety of heatmaps. They also offer you a range of reports and analytics to show user behaviour in terms of conversion funnels.


  • Session recording gives you full visibility over how people are using the site
  • Powerful filtering and audience segmentation show you how specific demographics are using the platform
  • Comprehensive range of heatmaps including clicks and estimations as to where customers are looking
  • Easy to get started with the platform with only a few lines of code needed to implement
  • Good A/B testing functionality, with metrics to show how successful changes have been in getting conversions
  • Website editor functionality
  • Unique functionality to monitor JavaScript errors and network requests

Expert Insight

Inspectlet is a good website conversion tool if you are looking for really detailed information on user behavior. There are a range of different heatmaps and reports which allow you to drill down and get to grips with how users are interacting with your site. The session recording is also useful. This platform is also good for customers looking for easy to use A/B testing. The platform has a HTML and CSS code editor which allows you to easily make changes, and then comprehensive reports to see how successful those changes have been.

This is not the most fully featured platform – you cannot create custom polls to place on your site. It’s also not the most cost effective. But it is one of the easiest tools out there to monitor the ways users navigate your website, and test ways to increase your conversion rates. If you’re a mid sized business looking for this functionality as well as being able to identify JavaScript errors, Inspectlet is a good platform to consider.

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Website Conversion Tools
Santa Clara, CA, US
Javascript code inserted onto website
Starting Price:
$39 / month
Suitable For:
Mid-sized organizations

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