IQ Security Awareness Training

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IQ Security Awareness Training


Turn employees into a line of defense against email security threats with customizable training content and phishing simulations.


Enterprise organizations and SMBs looking for a comprehensive, long-term training solution.

What is IQ Security Awareness Training?

Infosec provide skills training and certification, as well as a strong offering of training programs for employees. IQ is Infosec’s combined anti-phishing simulation, security awareness CBT and role-based training solution. Delivered as a 12-month program, it inspires employees to adopt best practices and become a powerful line of defense against phishing attacks.

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  • Inspire a culture of security with a library of over 700 resources, which is updated weekly
  • Interactive training modules, microlearning videos, assessments, posters, infographics and campaign kits
  • Choose from a range of phishing simulation templates or build your own to prepare employees for threats you face in your environment
  • Measure your organization’s compliance score, phish rate and more to share progress with stakeholders and prove success
  • Monitor campaign auto-reports, assessment results and learner security awareness grades to identify knowledge gaps before breaches occur
  • Allow users to flag suspicious emails, simulated and genuine, on any device using the PhishNotify email reporting plugin

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