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Industry leading phishing protection. Designed for Office 365 & G-Suite. No MX record changes required.


Organizations who are suffering with social engineering attacks like phishing and business email compromise.

Who are Ironscales?

IRONSCALES is a leading cybersecurity vendor with a focus on preventing social engineering style attacks. IRONSCALES deliver Anti-Phishing and Advanced Threat Protection using an integrated bundle of powerful threat technologies to stop threats inside the email network. It’s especially geared towards preventing spear phishing and business email compromise, in which attackers will impersonate the CEO or other senior employees within a company.

IRONSCALES uses machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies based on both email data and metadata the algorithms have scanned from past communications. This means they can accurately block phishing attacks that wouldn’t otherwise be stopped by other security techniques.


  • Machine learning algorithms offer advanced protection against phishing attacks and impersonation threats
  • Identifies and prevents business email compromise attempts
  • Works with O365, G-Suite and Exchange
  • Reduces the burden on security and IT teams as it works automatically and efficiently
  • Easy installation without changing DNS or MX records
  • Analytics such as real time reports on affected mailboxes, spam analysis and ‘inbox behavioral analysis’
  • All attacks are verified by human intelligence teams
  • Excellent support and easy administration
  • Recent partnership with NINJIO means that the platform also offers high quality security awareness training
  • Sender fingerprinting and advanced mapping of trusted external and internal senders
  • End users notified of suspect phishing emails via banners in Outlook or in their mobile email client

IRONSCALES’ advanced email protection service IronSights is a strong solution for email security within the email inbox. The powerful machine learning algorithms accurately detects and contains phishing attempts. This is a powerful platform for blocking business email compromise attacks. The platform works on Gmail and O365, with easy cloud based or on-premise deployment. This is an ideal platform for automating phishing protection, with machine learning quarantining emails without any IT management necessary.

IRONSCALES also offers a range of reports and analytics into email flow and security threats. They generate advanced mapping of trusted external and internal senders to help improve the overall security of an organisation. IRONSCALES is a market leading solution for customers looking for powerful phishing protection.

IRONSCALES Case Studies:

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Read an in depth guide to IRONSCALES. Discover its different email security technologies, how they work and how it could protection your organization.

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API within Office 365, API within G Suite, Install on Exchange
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User Reviews

Information Technology Manager

Existing Customer

Software, 250-500 employees

Used the product for: Less than 6 months

Nov 21, 2019


"Perfect phishing detection for Office 365"

What did you like best when using this solution?

What did you like best when using this solution?

Phishing detection worked immediately. We deployed Ironscales to our Office 365 tenant and within the 1st hour, Ironscales had detect 3 separate phishing attacks that affected 20+ mailboxes!

What we like about Ironscales;
1. Deployment took less than 15-minutes. It was a simple process to get Office 365 to sync the mailboxes with Ironscales.
2. No changes to MX or SPF records are required
3. Ironscales can be licensed for all users or selected users. Out of our 300 mailboxes, we have licensed it for 150 users. Via the Ironscales interface, we can decide which mailboxes are activated
4. Ironscales scans the URL's and attachments in emails to check if they are malicious
5. Via the dashboard, we can see which mailboxes are affected and detailed information on the blocked email
6. End users can report phishing emails directly from Outlook. This was simple to deploy and is a manifest file that is uploaded via the O365 management console. This pushes the "report phishing" down to Outlook on the desktop, browser and mobile devices
7. Ironscales includes security awareness training. This allowed us to cancel our KnowBe4 contract.
8. Users are alerted with banners to suspect emails, e.g. impersonation attempts or spoofed emails.
9. The native Office 365 user experience is unchanged. Our users can still use their clutter folder in Outlook.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

The "report phishing" button only works in Outlook, there isn't a version for the native iOS mail app.

Describe your over overall experience with IRONSCALES. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

Ironscales has been a solid investment for our business. Its easy to deploy and manage. It works brilliantly.


Existing Customer

Finance, 100-250 employees

Used the product for: Less than 6 months

Jul 15, 2019


"Powerful Anti-Phishing"

What did you like best when using this solution?

Ironscales has been great at stopping phishing emails and removing them from users inboxes.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

The banners work well to warn users of suspect emails and Ironscales allows end users to report emails as phishing emails. However, on mobile, users need to be using the Outlook app - they can't report phishing emails directly from the default mail app on iPhones.

Describe your over overall experience with IRONSCALES. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

We use Proofpoint to provide email security. It does a fine job stopping spam emails but it struggles to detect phishing emails that direct users to fake login pages. To stop phishing emails, we tested Microsoft ATP Plan 1. This didn't stop phishing emails so we decided to look at alternatives including Greathorn and Ironscales.

The initial deployment of the Ironscales service was straight forward. It involved a couple of click to sync our users on o365 and the service was deployed via an API.

Once up and running, Ironscales managed to capture the majority of phishing attacks. For the attacks that reached the users inboxes, Ironscales has this neat feature of inserting a banner in the email to warn the end user that the email is suspicious. End users are then able to report the emails using an alert button in Outlook. Our admin team are then able to review these emails and remove them from users inboxes where required.

Overall we have been impressed with the Ironscales service. Its not a replacement for Proofpoint but instead provides another layer of security on top of it.


Existing Customer

Maritime, 500-1,000 employees

Used the product for: 6-12 months

Jun 11, 2019


"Highly effective phishing protection"

What did you like best when using this solution?

Ease of implementation - the service operates via an API connection in o365. No changes were required to our MX records, SPF, DKIM or DMARC records. No firewall changes were required. It took less than an hour to implement the service.

Visibility to potentially suspect emails. If a phishing email gets past the filters, the email can be remotely removed from end users mailboxes.

End users like the red banners that alert them to potentially suspect emails.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

We are on Office 365 so the service was extremely easy to implement. However, it could be more complicated for on-premise Exchange users as connectors would then need to be setup in Exchange.

Describe your over overall experience with IRONSCALES. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

We have 450 users on 0365 and were using Symantec to provide email security. We were having an issue with phishing emails bypassing Symantec and reaching end users. We had implemented security awareness training with KnowBe4 but were finding that this wasn't stopping phishing attacks.

We were recommended Ironscales by our security consultant. Since implementing it, the number of phishing attacks reaching end users has dropped to virtually nil. When a phishing email does bypass the filter, Ironscales has a neat feature whereby end users can report the email and at an admin level, we can have visibility of which users have received the email. We are able to remove the phishing email from end users mailboxes from the Ironscales admin console. Overall Ironscales has been a solid investment.