IRONSCALES blocks phishing attacks with machine learning algorithms.


Office 365 customers who are suffering with social engineering attacks like phishing and business email compromise.

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Companies suffering from basic spam.

Who are Ironscales?

IRONSCALES is a leading cybersecurity vendor with a focus on preventing social engineering style attacks. IronSights is their post-delivery protection platform which stops threats inside the email network. It’s especially geared towards preventing spear phishing and business email compromise, in which attackers will impersonate the CEO or other senior employees within a company. IronSights uses machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies based on both email data and metadata the algorithms have scanned from past communications. This means they can accurately block phishing attacks that wouldn’t otherwise be stopped by other security techniques.


  • Machine learning algorithms offer advanced protection against phishing attacks and impersonation threats
  • Identifies and prevents business email compromise attempts
  • Works with O365, G-Suite and Exchange
  • Reduces the burden on security and IT teams as it works automatically and efficiently
  • Easy installation without changing DNS or MX records
  • Analytics such as real time reports on affected mailboxes, spam analysis and ‘inbox behavioral analysis’
  • All attacks are verified by human intelligence teams
  • Excellent support and easy administration
  • Recent partnership with NINJIO means that the platform also offers high quality security awareness training
  • Sender fingerprinting and advanced mapping of trusted external and internal senders
  • End users notified of suspect phishing emails via banners in Outlook or in their mobile email client

Expert Insight:

IRONSCALES’ advanced email protection service IronSights is a strong solution for email security within the email inbox. The powerful machine learning algorithms accurately detects and contains phishing attempts. This is a powerful platform for blocking business email compromise attacks. The platform works on Gmail and O365, with easy cloud based or on-premise deployment. This is an ideal platform for automating phishing protection, with machine learning quarantining emails without any IT management necessary.

IRONSCALES also offers a range of reports and analytics into email flow and security threats. They generate advanced mapping of trusted external and internal senders to help improve the overall security of an organisation. IRONSCALES is a market leading solution for customers looking for powerful phishing protection.

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