Kasm Server

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Kasm Server


Virtual desktop infrastructure suite & web isolation platform focused on accessibility and security through isolated & non-persistent services


Enterprise, SMB and Educational organizations that are looking to provide secure, customizable and clientless access to web services

What is Kasm Server?

Kasm is a web accessible desktop and isolation platform that is focused on accessibility and security by allowing users to access applications in an isolated and fresh environment every time they connect to the web.

Individual users and organizational admins have the option to install Kasm on-premise, private cloud or allow us to host it for you on our SAAS Solution. Kasm’s multi-functional and fully customizable platform not only protects users by isolating their personal computers from web threats, phishing, malware and ransomware, but our VDI & Remote Access will give your team secure remote access to approved applications and resources, thus providing organizations with peace of mind while training and collaborating in a safe web browsing environment.

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  • Secure: Kasm environments isolate users by creating an air gap between users personal computers and web-borne threats, thus creating a safe, secure and protected web browsing user experience.
  • Disposable: Since every session runs in a fresh, secure and isolated browser environment, its easy for users to dispose all data and executable code, with just the click of a button.
  • Accessible: Kasm's accessibility is unmatched. Users have the ability to log in from any web browser. Kasm containers can be customized to host a single application or a full desktop environment with any number of applications. Users can host the entire stack on-premise or have us host it for you.
  • Customizable: In addition to having access to pre-built containers for browsers and desktops, administrators have the ability to customize environments with approved software and configurations.
  • Enterprise-Ready: Kasm is equipped with the authentication and security policy needs of many organizations in both on-premise and cloud deployments.

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Browser Isolation Solutions
Kasm Technologies
Virginia, US
Available in both an on-premise or cloud-hosted version.
Starting Price:
$4 per user per month.

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