Kaspersky DDoS Protection

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Kaspersky DDoS Protection


A comprehensive, integrated solution that includes everything businesses need to defend against DDoS attacks.


An automatic DDoS protection solution based in the cloud with extensive support.

What is Kaspersky DDoS Protection?

Kaspersky Lab is the world’s largest privately held vendor of endpoint cybersecurity solutions. Kaspersky DDoS Protection takes care of every stage in defending a business – from ongoing 24x7 analysis of traffic, through to alerts about the possible presence of an attack and then redirecting traffic, cleaning traffic, returning ‘clean’ traffic to its intended destination… and, finally, giving post-attack reports & analysis. Kaspersky Lab provides special sensor software that runs at on-premise and, as soon as it’s installed, the sensor software starts to collect statistics and build usage profiles that help it to protect a business. Kaspersky Lab’s malware experts use sophisticated methods to monitor the DDoS threat landscape and keep ahead of the hackers – so that we can achieve earlier detection of DDoS attacks.


  • Global cloud scrubbing centres that clean up the traffic accessing a company’s network
  • 24/7, 365-day support from security experts from Kaspersky’s security operation centre
  • Detailed post-attack analysis and reports
  • “Always-On” 24/7 traffic analysis
  • Automatic alerts about the possible presence of an attack
  • Automatic redirection of attack traffic to cloud scrubbing centres
  • Seamless integration with no additional hardware requirements
  • Statistical and behavioural analysis of online traffic and website visitors to find abnormal activities
  • Protection from multiple types of high-volume attacks

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DDoS Protection
Moscow, Russia
Cloud, On-Premise
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