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Keeper for Business


Improve security with password management as a service.


Businesses, Enterprises and MSPs

What is Keeper for Business?

Keeper for Business is a Business Password Management solution that prevents password related data breaches and cyber threats. Keeper creates random, high-strength passwords for all your websites and applications then stores them in a secure vault on all your devices. Each employee gets a private, encrypted password vault, that allows them to manage passwords, credentials, files and private data. This saves employees time, frustration and eliminates the need for them to reuse and remember passwords. Keeper supports role based controls, two-factor authentication and industry. Compliance with HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, GDPR and more. Keeper offers a solution for small businesses, enterprises, and MSP customers looking to protect their clients.

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  • Each employee gets a private vault to store and manage passwords, files and private client data
  • Generates strong, unique passwords and automatically fills them into apps and websites for your employees
  • Allows teams and individual users to securely create, share and manage records, passwords and encrypted folders
  • Protects sensitive files, documents, photos and videos on unlimited devices with secure file storage
  • Admin console manages and monitors Keeper across the entire organization, allowing IT to enforce password security, 2FA and other data security policies
  • Fully customizable role-based access control based on role and responsibilities of team members
  • Keeper provides visibility into your password security with robust reporting and auditing tools to enforce internal controls and maintain compliance standards
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Business Password Management
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SMBs, Enterprise, MSPs

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