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Lastline takes a novel approach to providing network security. Our AI evaluates network traffic and draws from our vast repository of malicious behaviours to understand the context of the anomalous behaviours it detects. Applying AI to both network traffic and malicious behaviour gives us unmatched insight into advanced threats.

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Lastline Email Defender Review

Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: AI powered network security to detect security threats.

Who are Lastline?

Lastline are a cybersecurity vendor offering AI based network security. LastLine Email Defender is an advanced threat protection which enhances network security to protect your organization from social engineering based email threats like ransomware, business email compromise and spear-phishing. This product is a network security platform, which means that it protects your whole network from internal threats, beyond email, such as malicious USBs.

For: Enterprise businesses looking for phishing and business email compromise protection within their greater network security

Not For: Small businesses looking for protection against basic levels of spam.


  • Powerful AI learns both internal network traffic and uses knowledge from Lastline’s Global Threat Intelligence platform to scan network traffic and identify threats
  • Comprehensive network security offered with full threat visibility within the network
  • Strong protection against email based threats such as malicious attachments, infected RLs and phishing attacks
  • Sandbox technology helps to prevent and remediate the effects of malware within a network
  • Lastline integrates with third-party products and custom applications to automate threat response workflows
  • Simplified deployment and management with flexible, agentless architecture

Expert Insight:

LastLine Defender is a strong platform to increase the overall strength of a business’ network security. It offers strong protection against internal network threats, including email. There is strong protection against phishing attacks and business email compromise threats. Lastline’s powerful AI is informed from internal network communications and LastLine’s’ global threat intelligence network.

Lastline is an advanced, high cost service, which is primarily suited to enterprise customers. The service is highly granular and customisable, with multiple integrations and admin controls available. This is a strong solution for enterprises looking for network security and offers powerful real time network protection from malware and social engineering threats.

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Lastline Vendor Overview

Lastline stops advanced threats from entering or operating in your network. Lastline deliver the industry’s most accurate approach to network security. Informed by years of threat research and investigation, Lastline products provide a high-fidelity assessment of advanced threats attempting to enter or operating inside your network.

Employees on LinkedIn 131
Glassdoor Rating (16 reviews)
Founded 2011
Revenue $10 to $25 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Redwood City, California
Support Team Location(s) California
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Lastline Email Defender Features

Explore the key features offered by Lastline Email Defender. These features are what makes them unique and showcase what they can offer your business.

Lastline Email Defender Features

Feature Description
Spear Phishing Protection AI uses high fidelity insights to stop advanced malware such as phishing attacks to enter your network
Business Email Compromise LastLine utilizes a machine learning algorithm which analyses over 300 indicators on each email, including header, subject, links and fonts to identify when an account has been compromised. The account is then automatically blocked.
URL Scanning Automatically inspects email for malicious attachments and suspect URLs
AI Adaptiveness AI learns from LastLine’s ‘malicious behaviour’ knowledge sandbox
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Spear Phishing Protection
Business Email Compromise
AI Adaptiveness

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