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LastPass For Business


Enterprise level password management, single sign-on (SSO) & multifactor authentication (MFA) focused on ease of use, security & centralized admin.


Organizations requiring multiple security policies, MFA and federated login with AD

What is Lastpass for Business?

LastPass business solutions help teams & businesses take control of their identity management. LastPass provides simple control and unified visibility across every entry point to your business, with an intuitive access and multifactor authentication experience that works on everything from cloud and mobile apps to legacy on-premise tools. From single sign-on (SSO) and password management to adaptive multifactor authentication (MFA), LastPass Identity gives superior control to IT and frictionless access to users, which helps businesses be more secure, maintain compliance, and increase productivity. 

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  • All-in-one control for passwords, access, and authentication.
  • Fully featured password manager with multiple options on password security that admins can set.
  • Simplified single sign-one for 1200+ apps, which gives companies the ability to secure everything from cloud and web apps to on-prem and legacy apps.
  • Adaptive multifactor authentication that combines biometric and contextual factors for simple access for end users.
  • Easy to deploy across an organisation.
  • Offers admin portal with 100+ security policies and dashboards for reporting and analytics.
  • Easy to access password and single sign-on vaults with browser extensions, mobile apps and active directory integration.
  • Users can create encrypted notes to store sensitive information such as credit card details or banking passwords

Expert Insight:

LastPass is the market leader in business password management tools and offer consumer and business versions. It’s highly rated by customers for have great features, and being easy to use. It greatly increases security for businesses, reducing the risk employees will use easy to guess passwords, or even the same password, for all their accounts. This adds protection to sensitive data and information. The service is also easy for administrators to use and offers a range of great features, such as single sign on and secure password sharing. The administrator console offers detailed analytics and is easy to navigate. End users get access to features such as encrypted notes. There are also password sharing features to help with team based projects. In the Enterprise version, we specifically like the ability to have visibility of the level of password security employed by each user and impose security policies on end users.

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Business Password Management
Virginia, USA
Cloud, App
Starting Price:
$4 user / month
Suitable For:
Teams: 5-50 users, Enterprise: 50+ users

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