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Light Point Web


Light Point Web delivers fully featured secure web browsing.


Organizations requiring easy to use and fully featured secure browsing.

What is Light Point Web?

Light Point Web, is an isolated remote browsing solution that allows enterprises and government agencies to segregate trusted from untrusted web content in a seamless and easy to use way. Light Point Web completely isolates a user's web browsing activity onto a remote virtual environment so that no web content ever reaches their computers - all without performance degradation.


  • Full featured, Secure browsing- Light Point Web gives you fully featured web browsing. Run JavaScript, Flash, Java, HTML5, view PDFs, and more with complete safety. You can copy and paste, download and upload files, print web pages, search for text and more.
  • Centralized Management and Reporting- Light Point Web includes access to an Admin Dashboard where you can configure policies to control what your users are allowed to do online. You can also view detailed reports to see which sites your users are visiting, and what files they are uploading and downloading.
  • Untraceable Anonymous Browsing- Light Point Web lets you browse without ad networks and website owners tracking your online activity. Each browsing session starts with a clean slate. You can hide your IP address and other information from website owners without resorting to using VPNs or proxies, which can still leak your information.
  • Diversity- Light Point Web is an plug-in to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.
  • Easy to use- Users do not even need to know it is installed to use it. You can navigate to URLs, click links, watch videos, download files, etc.
  • Seamless Integration- Light Point Web integrates seamlessly into your standard web browser. You can continue to use your favourite web browser; only now you are fully isolated from all web threats.

Browser Isolation Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Browser Isolation. Discover what Isolation is, how it works, the top features and the key security benefits, such as phishing protection.

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