LiveChat is a real-time, live-chat software tool for e-commerce sales and support that is helping e-commerce companies create a new sales channel.

This product is:

For: Companies who need to integrate with a number of platforms and manage a team of agents.

Not for: Companies looking for advanced chatbot features alongside agent live chat.

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Overall Score


LiveChat Review

Review date: December 20th 2018

LiveChat is a website live chat platform which allows you to easily implement live chats onto your website. LiveChat has a focus on simplicity, ease of use, and a variety of integrations. The service offers a range of features to help you track how people are interacting with your site, as well as features to make sure the live chatting works well for your business. This includes a range of admin tools, and integrations.

LiveChat is one of the most popular live chatting tools used by global companies such as McDonalds, PayPal and Ikea.

Benefits of LiveChat

  • Easy to install and get chatting to customers
  • Ability to see what people are typing before they hit send to best answer their query
  • You can view the full chat history of individual visitors
  • Customer data is stored and filtered to help build audience profiles
  • Easily integrates with over 130 tools including Mail Chimp, Facebook Messenger and Slack
  • Good level of admin controls to set up accounts and see how agents are being rated by customers
  • Suited for a team of people to manage a range of customer needs
  • Well designed and intuitive to use
  • Ticketing system for when all of your agents are offline
  • You get real time visibility over how people are using your site, and can start chats with people based on specific actions

What you should know about LiveChat

  • High cost service
  • Some customers have reported long waiting times with customer support

Expert Insights Verdict on LiveChat

LiveChat offer a fully featured website live chat tool. It’s easy to implement and get started, meaning you can quickly start chatting to customers. The service has a lot of great admin features which make it easy to manage a team of people live chatting with customers. The offline ticketing system is a major strength of this service, allowing customers to open support queries, even when the team is offline. There is a good range of customisability for chat windows, with a custom CSS editor to make chats look however you want. These features mean that you can fine tune the live chat window design, so it fits in well with the look of your website. It also means you can test different designs so that you can find the most engaging format for your customers. LiveChat integrates with a huge range of other platforms, making it a great option if you want to connect with customers on Facebook, or with a tool like slack. It’s also easy to integrate with a CRM platform such as Hubspot.

LiveChat is a market leading website live chat tool. It’s granular admin features makes it a good choice for larger companies who will have a team of people operating a large chat service. This also matches its higher price range.

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LiveChat Vendor Overview

We make a beautiful and simple tool for real-time customer service and online sales. LiveChat web-based, desktop and mobile apps will always keep you in touch with your website visitors.

Employees on LinkedIn 127
Glassdoor Rating (5 reviews)
Founded 2002
Revenue $10 to $25 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Boston, MA (US)
Support Team Location(s) USA

LiveChat Service Overview

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LiveChat Features

Explore the features offered by LiveChat

LiveChat Features

Feature Description
Visitor Tracking and Analysis Features to see what users are typing before they hit send, full chat history of repeat visitors, statistics, chat reports, filters dashboard, post chat surveys, monitor which keywords brought visitors to your site
Customisation and Chat Features Customisable chat windows, create agent specific accounts, CSS editor to make chats look however you want them too, with 6 premade templates
Chat Administration Easy notification system for you to see who needs speaking too, offline ticket system for customers to use when no one is online, applications for mobile, good range of reporting available to see how your agents are being rated
Integrations Easily integrates with over 130 tools available on a easily searched marketplace.
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LiveChat Pricing (Monthly)

Package Price
Free Trial Free
Starter Plan $19
Team Plan $36
Business Plan $59
Enterprise Plan $149
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Visitor Tracking and Analytics
Customisation and Chat Features
Chat Administration

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