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Our AI-powered conversational platform makes it easy for consumers to buy products and get answers to questions in messaging channels they already use every day.

This product is:

For: Customers looking for a live chat solution with customisable and flexible chat bot and agent functionality.

Not for: Small businesses only looking for agent live chat with the easiest agent management system.

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LiveEngage Review

Review date: December 20th 2018

LiveEngage offers a platform to help businesses engage with their customers. This includes live chats through a variety of different platforms and automated chatbots. They have focussed on three key areas in particular. The first is offering a live chat service which integrates with a wide range of different platforms, with the aim of helping meet customers where they are. The second is offering AI-powered chatbots to help automatically answer customer queries. The third is a series of advanced management services. These aim to help you better manage your customer relations and keep on top of all conversations.

LivePerson was founded in 1995 and offer many enterprise level live chat features.

Benefits of LiveEngage

  • Multiple options available for setting up chatbots, with dialogue flows and bot templates
  • Secure and trustworthy service used by global companies to engage with customers
  • Live chat integrates with a huge range of platforms, including through your website directly, Google, SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp
  • BotStudio is simple and intuitive to use so non-technical users can build bots that are fine-tuned to their customer base
  • Bots improve and learn over time to better respond to customer queries
  • No need for offline ticketing as bots are always online
  • Unique Meaningful connection score which uses AI to track customer sentiment which will help you optimise both bots and agent’s performance
  • Agents get visibility over which parts of the site customers they are talking to have come from, so they can best meet their individual needs

What you should know about LiveEngage

  • Customers have reported it isn’t the easiest platform to manage, especially for smaller teams
  • Focus on AI chatbots over human agents means that some human management features are not as developed as other services, such as agent rotations, role-based chats and chat triggers
  • This is a premium, expensive service

Expert Insights Verdict on LiveEngage

LiveEngage is a perfect solution if your business is getting large numbers of customers who you need to engage with. It allows you to meet them where they are with integrations on a range of different platforms, which will help to increase your overall conversion rates. Building chatbots will take some time to master but is intuitive enough that a non-technical person will be able to do so. This will help you to engage more customers in a more efficient way. The chats are flexible and LiveEngage offers a range of advanced reporting and metrics to help measure ROI with the platform. You can monitor chats in real time. A unique reporting feature is the Meaningful Connection Score, which helps you to track how customers are responding to chats based on the way they are communicating. This will help you to better improve your service.

This live chat solution is ideal for companies who are looking to automate their live chat offering and use powerful data-driven tools to increase their conversions. It’s important to note this is an expensive premium product, and so will be most suitable for larger companies with a big customer base they need to manage.

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LivePerson Vendor Overview

LivePerson makes life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands. Our 18,000 customers, including leading brands like Citibank, HSBC, Orange, and The Home Depot, use our conversational commerce solutions to orchestrate humans and AI, at scale, and create a convenient, deeply personal relationship — a conversational relationship — with their millions of consumers.

Employees on LinkedIn 1425
Glassdoor Rating (292 reviews)
Founded 1995
Revenue $100 to $500 million (USD) per year
Headquarters New York, USA
Support Team Location(s) USA

LiveEngage Service Overview

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LiveEngage Features

Explore the features offered by LiveEngage.

LiveEngage Features

Feature Description
Visitor Tracking and Analysis Meaningful connection scores use AI to measure customer sentiment, which can be used to get agent feedback and optimize bot support. Full reporting and analytics to monitor chat information in real time, as well as track conversion rates and ROI.
Customisation and Chat Features Chatbot design and conversation flow can be fully customised, based on pre-built templates or built from the ground up.
Chat Administration Dashboard to monitor all agent and chatbot communications in real time. Agents can handle up to 40 conversations at once.
Integrations Integrates with platforms including Apple Business Chat, SMS, Google RCs, Line, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp
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LiveEngage Pricing (Monthly)

Package Price
Standard $40
Premier $90
Enterprise By Quote
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Visitor Tracking and Analytics
Customisation and Chat Features
Chat Administration

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