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Take the mystery out of your website traffic and see for yourself why more than 1000,000 websites have turned to Lucky Orange to help turn more visitors into customers.

This product is:

For: Customers looking for a good all round conversion tool with the ability to live chat with website visitors in real time.

Not for: Customers looking for the most customisable polls and forms or customers looking to monitor behaviour changes over a long period of time.

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Lucky Orange Review

Review date: December 18th 2018

Lucky Orange is a popular website conversion tool, used on over 100,000 websites. It offers users a range of features to help you engage the people visiting your website. These include a simple to use dashboard, giving you access to a range of analytics and reports. These reports show conversion funnels which tell you where people are entering and leaving your website. The product gives you ways to view user behaviour with heatmaps and visitor recordings. You can also set up polls and chat to visitors in real time. Lucky Orange has positioned itself, as an affordable, accessible service, with a good range of features.

Benefits of Lucky Orange

  • Dashboard is easy to understand and customisable, allowing you to put the information you want to see on the front page
  • Good analytics and reporting of visitors, such as top visited pages, landing pages, and where readers have come from
  • You can view real time users of your site, view their activity, and then start a live chat with them
  • Good range of audience segments to find the audience you need to drive more engagement with
  • Very cost effective service
  • Dynamic heatmaps that allow you to see how visitors are interacting with drop down menus, a feature not available with some other platforms
  • Building forms and live chats is easy with a range of great features such as suggested responses

What you should know about Lucky Orange

  • User interface is not as streamlined as some other platforms
  • Polls and on site live chat popups could be more customisable so as to match the branding of your website
  • Recordings are only stored for 30 days by default, which can make it difficult for users on more basic plans to see how user behaviour is changing over time

Expert Insights Verdict on Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange is a great platform to make sure your website is working well and to engage with users. It offers a range of monitoring capabilities which allow you to see how users are interacting with your site and content. The major strength of this service is that it allows you to see what users are doing in real time and allows you to initiate a chat with them through the platform. This can be a really useful tool to get feedback, which is much more personalised than the more static forms offered by some competitor services.

Lucky Orange could be improved in the design department. It’s user interface and dashboard are fully featured but is not as intuitive as some competitors. Poll and live chat windows could also be improved to make them more customisable. However, this is a very well-priced platform with a lot of features to help you improve the engagement with your website. This platform is also available to white label.

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Lucky Orange Vendor Overview

Take the mystery out of your website traffic and see for yourself why more than 1000,000 websites have turned to Lucky Orange to help turn more visitors into customers.

Employees on LinkedIn 11
Glassdoor Rating (2 reviews)
Founded 2012
Revenue Unknown
Headquarters Overland Park, KS (US)
Support Team Location(s) USA

Lucky Orange Service Overview

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Lucky Orange Features

Explore features offered by Lucky Orange.

Lucky Orange Features

Feature Description
Behaviour Monitoring You can view user activity in real time. Full recordings saved of visitor activity. Interactive and dynamic heatmaps available.
Reporting and Analytics Visibility over where users came from and conversion funnels. Audience segments created by device, browser, location and behaviours. Multiple reports available.
Polling and Feedback Ability to ask to chat with users on the page in real time.
Administration Customisable dashboard, role based user access, simple integration with one line of code to copy and paste.
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Lucky Orange Pricing

Package Price
Starter $10
Small Business $20
Medium $50
Large $100
Enterprise Contact Us
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