McAfee MVISION Cloud

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McAfee MVISION Cloud


McAfee offers a CASB solution that gives visibility into cloud apps, protects data and allows businesses to take real time actions.


Enterprise businesses, government agencies, financial institutions and healthcare industries looking for an advanced CASB solution.

What is McAfee MVISION Cloud?

McAfee MVISION Cloud protects data where it lives today, with a solution that was built natively in the cloud, for the cloud. It’s cloud-native data security. There are multiple key use cases for this product. It can be used to enforce data loss prevention policies across cloud applications. It protects data by stopping it being shared with the wrong people, with granular controls. The platform also allows organizations to understand and monitor the cloud services they are using, with risk profiles.


  • Offers complete visibility into data, context, and user behaviour across all cloud services, users, and devices
  • Protect- Take real-time action to enforce policies across cloud services and apply persistent data protection.
  • Correct- Remediate security threats by eliminating security misconfigurations and correcting high-risk user activities.
  • Enforce data loss prevention (DLP) policies across data in the cloud.
  • Prevent unauthorized sharing of sensitive data to the wrong people
  • Block sync/download of corporate data to personal devices
  • Detect compromised accounts, insider threats, and malware
  • Encrypt cloud data with keys that only you can access.
  • Audit and tighten the security settings of cloud services
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Profile: McAfee MVISION Cloud

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
California, USA
Suitable For:
Government Agencies, Financial Institution, Healthcare

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