Menlo Security Isolation Platform

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Menlo Security Isolation Platform


Menlo Security's Isolation Platform protects organizations from cyber-attack by eliminating the threat of malware by isolating browser activity.


Large Enterprise customers looking for a comprehensive centrally managed browser isolation solution for a number of users.

What is Menlo Security Isolation Platform?

Menlo eliminates all web and email security risks through isolation providing a truly 100 percent safe browsing experience. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform works by moving the fetch and execute functions of web browsing away from your network to Menlo Security’s cloud-based platform. Only sanitized, non-executable content is rendered safely in users’ devices, providing a safe yet seamless experience that is no different than before.


  • Safety- web browser isolation stops the never-ending search for risky content.
  • Seamless user experience- Menlo’s web isolation software safely empowers the digital workforce with a native user experience.
  • Cloud Simplicity and Scale- Menlo reduces security complexity and increases scale by eliminating endpoint software and outdated appliances.
  • Policy Configuration and Reporting- generates detailed and comprehensive reports of incoming attacks.
  • Adaptive Clientless Rendering (ACR)- Menlo mirrors isolated content in your users’ browsers without impacting performance, providing a seamless and expected browsing experience.
  • Global Elastic Cloud- Menlo have eight data centres around the world in nearly every region ensure performance and scalability for everyone—no matter where you are based.
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