Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway

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Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway


Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway provides protection for businesses messaging system. Including antivirus, anti-spam and cybercrime protection.


Enterprise companies looking for a comprehensive email filtering solution with flexbile deployment.

What is Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway?

Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway provides zero-hour antivirus and anti-spam protection on-prem or in the cloud. This solution uses the latest technology to ensure that your messaging system and network are free of viruses, malware, and spam. Secure Messaging Gateway also protects from DoS/DDoS attacks, helping to keep your email system up and running.

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  • Cloud Security- Secure Messaging Gateway can be deployed on-premises, or in the cloud. Secure Messaging Gateway’s multi-tenant support enables multiple independent instances of its scan configurations to run on the same server.
  • Multi-system Support- Secure Messaging Gateway can filter messaging at the perimeter of any standards-based internet mail or collaboration system. This includes platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, Micro Focus GroupWise®, Vibe, Lync, or IBM Notes.
  • Anti-virus scanning- Secure Messaging Gateway scans for viruses in the subject, body and attachments of an email. If the attachment contains a virus, the email message will be stopped at the gateway. If the body or subject of the email contains a malicious link, or a virus, the email is blocked by Secure Messaging Gateway.
  • Zero-hour Anti-virus protection- Secure Messaging Gateway provides the best zero-hour antivirus protection available for both inbound and outbound traffic. Viruses are stopped before an outbreak occurs, which saves you thousands of dollars in lost time and data.
  • Policy-Based, multi-tenant configuration- Secure Messaging Gateway lets you create and configure individual message policies based on the delivery information of each individual message. Use criteria such as the recipient, the source address, and direction to create separate message policies for incoming and outgoing email, for individual users, domains or multiple sets of users.
  • Anti-spam protection- Secure Messaging Gateway provides multilayer spam defence to protect email and keep unwanted traffic away from your collaboration system.
  • Outbound Spam protection- Secure Messaging Gateway helps prevent outbound spam risks including blocked IP address
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Email Security Gateway
Micro Focus
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Government agencies, education, financial services and healthcare

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