Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

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Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection


ATP protects OneDrive & SharePoint from malware and provides enhanced email protection.


SMBs looking for an extra layer of threat protection to protect OneDrive & block advanced email threats.

What is Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection?

Microsoft Advanced Threat protection is a cyber security platform made for Office 365 users. It’s a low cost option that sits on top of Office 365’s inbuilt secure email gateway to scan emails for threats inside the email network. It offers some protection against threats like malicious links, phishing attacks and unsafe attachments. It also offers critical insights into who is being targeted within an organisation with reporting and URL tracing. This platform is completely integrated with Office 365. This solution is a popular choice for companies using Office 365 with no additional third party security platform, as it adds an extra layer of protection to emails at a low cost.

Top Alternatives to Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection


  • Automatically scans all email attachments for malware
  • Scans all URLs with emails and Office documents to prevent the spread of viruses
  • Scans files within OneDrive and SharePoint for viruses
  • Uses Microsoft’s Spoof Intelligence platform to identify spam and viruses trying to spoof businesses domains
  • Applies machine learning and impersonation detection algorithms to scan incoming messages to filter out spam emails
  • Real time protection from users clicking on malicious links
  • Reporting dashboard that allows you to investigate blocked messages and trace clicks on malicious content
  • Easy to deploy and manage, being fully integrated with Office 365

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection offers businesses an extra layer of protection against malicious threats and phishing attacks. It’s low cost, easy to deploy and easy to manage as it’s fully integrated with Office 365. The machine learning and impersonation detection systems offer businesses a basic level of protection against phishing attacks. However. In October 2017, researchers announced that Microsoft had missed 34,000 phishing emails, demonstrating that it is not the most effective phishing protection platform.

For this reason, Microsoft ATP should not be used alone to protect businesses from phishing or targeted social engineering attacks. If you are planning to use this solution as an extra layer of security, we also recommend using a dedicated third party security solution in our Post – Delivery Protection category. These solutions will be more effective to stop phishing attempts and business email compromise.

Email Security Guide for Office 365

Download a comprehensive guide to Email Security for Office 365. Discover the different email security technologies, how they work and what the best option is for your organization.

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Post-Delivery Protection
Redmond, WA, US
Cloud via O365 Portal
Starting Price:
$2 or $5 user/month
Suitable For:
Office 365 customers looking for default option

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Systems Analyst

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Manufacturing, 100-250 employees

Used the product for: Less than 6 months

May 8, 2019


"Good extra layer of security for email, and some useful functionality, but not a catch-all email security solution"

What did you like best when using this solution?

It's a good low cost solution that we use for link URL rewriting. It's also really useful to detect viruses in OneDrive. There are some useful features, but the main benefit of this solution is that it added an extra layer of protection for our O365 email suite.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

It still let in phishing emails regularly. The solution is not as powerful as third party vendors and still let in some security threats.

Describe your over overall experience with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

We chose Microsoft ATP as an extra layer of defense for our emails. The solution is reasonably priced and easy to get set up. It adds some sufeul security features like URL protections and looking for threats in OneDrive. But the main problem is that it still lets in phishing emails.