Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection

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Protect your email against unknown and sophisticated attacks. Customers with subscriptions to select Exchange or Office 365 plans can add Advanced Threat Protection for $2.00 / £1.50 user / month.

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Overall Score


Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection Review

Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: ATP protects email networks from unknown and sophisticated attacks.

What is Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection?

Microsoft Advanced Threat protection is a cyber security platform made for Office 365 users. It’s a low cost option that sits on top of Office 365’s inbuilt secure email gateway to scan emails for threats inside the email network. It offers protection against threats like malicious links, phishing attacks and unsafe attachments. It also offers critical insights into who is being targeted within an organisation with reporting and URL tracing. This platform is completely integrated with Office 365. This makes it suited for organisations looking for an extra layer of advanced threat protection at a low cost.

For: SMBs looking for an extra layer of threat protection to block advanced email threats like malicious attachments and phishing.

Not For: Enterprise customers facing targeted spear phishing and business email compromise attacks.


  • Automatically scans all email attachments for malware
  • Scans all URLs with emails and Office documents to prevent the spread of viruses
  • Scans files within cloud storage platforms like DropBox and OneDrive for viruses
  • Uses Microsoft’s Spoof Intelligence platform to identify spam and viruses trying to spoof businesses domains
  • Applies machine learning and impersonation detection algorithms to scan incoming messages to filter out phishing and spear phishing emails
  • Real time protection from users clicking on malicious links
  • Reporting dashboard that allows you to investigate blocked messages and trace clicks on malicious content
  • Easy to deploy and manage, being fully integrated with Office 355

Expert Insight:

Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection offers a useful layer of extra protection for small and medium sized businesses who want an extra layer of protection against malicious threats and phishing attacks. It’s low cost, and easy to deploy and manage being fully integrated with Office 365. It does a good job at identifying and blocking spam emails. The machine learning and impersonation detection systems offer businesses a basic level of protection against phishing attacks. However. In October 2017, researchers announced that Microsoft had missed 34,000 phishing emails, demonstrating that it is not the most effective phishing protection platform.

The platform is not as advanced as some competitor services but does offer streamlined management and reporting. Microsoft ATP is a good layer of basic advanced threat protection, on top of O365’s in-built spam filter, which may be sufficient for SMBs looking for basic phishing or virus protection. But it should not be used to protect businesses from advanced or targeted social engineering attacks.

It’s important to note that this platform is still in development with multiple updates on the horizon. This includes Threat Intelligence capabilities, native link rendering and new quarantine capabilities. This shows that Microsoft is still investing time and resources into making this a better platform for businesses to use to protect themselves from advanced email threats such as phishing.

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Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection Features

Microsoft ATP Features

Feature Description
Spear Phishing Protection Microsoft uses machine learning models to detect phishing messages but has no specific spear phishing protection.
URL Scanning Microsoft SafeLinks scans URLs. If a URL is blocked by an organisations custom block list access is denied. If the webpage is deemed unsafe a warning page is displayed.
Business Email Compromise No adaptable protection against business email compromise
AI Adaptiveness Machine learning is used, but is much less adaptable than competitor services
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Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Pricing for Office 365. Pricing verified on October 8, 2018.

Package Price
Price per user / month $2.00 / €2.00 / £1.50
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Business Email Compromise
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