Mimecast Awareness Training

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Mimecast Awareness Training


Ataata offers security awareness training with phishing tests and risk scores.


Organizations looking for comprehensive awareness traning with both company wide and indivudal employee risk scores.

What is Mimecast Awareness Training?

Mimecast Awareness Training employs a training approach which leverages high-impact learning modules, anchored on two to three-minute videos that entertain, to inform and influence cybersecurity habits and reflexes. Each learning module trains employees on both what’s at stake when it comes to cyberthreats and what to do to avoid putting themselves and their companies at risk. Deployed monthly, the training modules change attitudes and drive lasting, positive change in security behavior. IT loves the training for the ease of deployment and management and employees love the memorable, relatable, engaging cast of characters.


  • Monthly cybersecurity awareness video-based training modules, covering phishing, data, information and password protection, data in motion, office hygiene and other core security topics
  • PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA modules also available.
  • Ability to add customized content, such as your organization’s security policy, to existing training modules
  • Ability to create new modules using your own custom video or PDF content if your organization has unique training requirements
  • Employee and organization-wide risk scores
  • Industry comparison rates.
  • Performance metrics, including completion rates and correct responses.
  • Watchlists and automated reminders for those who haven’t watched training.
  • Robust phish testing designed to complement the training.
  • Library of phishing templates developed by the team at Mimecast’s MSOC and Threat Labs.
  • Targeted training delivered directly to individual employees based on risk scores, training results or phish test response
  • Ability to adjust Mimecast system permissions based on an individual’s training results.
  • One-click summary reports.
  • User-enabled multi-language support and closed captioning.
  • SSO/Active Directory integration and user provisioning.
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Security Awareness Training
Bethesda, Maryland
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