Mimecast Cloud Archive

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Mimecast Cloud Archive


Easy to use archiving service with end user access via Outlook plugin and mobile apps.


Organizations looking for an email archive with full legal compliance and streamlined management and data recovery

What is the Mimecast Cloud Archive?

Mimecast is one of the largest global email cyber security vendors. They have a large suite of cloud based security applications to protect organisations from email and web based security threats. Mimecast’s Archiving platform is a cloud based solution and is used by the majority of their email security clients. It’s mainly aimed at mid-market customers who comprise of 80% of Mimecast's revenues. It offers businesses a single archive for emails. This helps businesses become legally compliant and protect company data. The service retains all inbound, outbound and internal emails, with detailed meta-data, for instant searching by employees and administrators with advanced E-Discovery.

Mimecast Cloud Archive Features:

  • It’s very quick to search the email archive, with an SLA guaranteeing a seven second search time to find emails
  • Comprehensive audits are offered to show all access to the archive
  • Automated mailbox size and retention management to reduce the cost of storage and infrastructure
  • Archive management is straightforward, with E-Discover allowing self-service review and legal hold tools
  • Offers full legal compliance for archiving
  • IT admins can configure recovery and search easily to recover individual emails, entire mailboxes and folders, without being able to edit them
  • End users can look back over their own email archive to find correspondence
  • End user access via Outlook plugin and iOS / Android app

Expert Insight:

Mimecast’s Cloud Archive is a popular archiving solution which will store emails, folders and whole mailboxes in a secure archive, where they cannot be edited. They guarantee full legal compliance for businesses, with a quick search function and easy management. Speed of search is important when it comes to email archiving, and Mimecast offer an SLA which guarantees that archive searching will take seven seconds or less. The platform offers auditing of everyone who has access to the archive, which is another important factor to achieve legal compliance.

While search is quick for individual email, exporting emails in bulk can be tricky, and may require support. Moving the archive to a different platform can also incur high export fees.

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