Mimecast Secure Messaging

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Mimecast Secure Messaging


Bolt on encryption service for existing Mimecast email security clients


Mimecast customers looking for secure web portal based email encryption.

What is Mimecast Secure Messaging?

Mimecast is one of the leading email security vendors. They offer an email encryption service which secures messages to stop accidental and deliberate data leaks. Their encryption platform is delivered via a secure web portal which recipients must log onto, in order to access email content, as this is more accessible and streamlined than other encryption options such as Public Key Infrastructure or Transport Layer Security. It offers businesses protection and controls over their email and attachments.


  • Encrypted emails are stored in a secure cloud platform
  • The platform is easy to use for email senders, with a range of controls they can use within outlook to manage encrypted emails in line with defined policies
  • Range of admin policies available such as settings to block administrators from viewing information within encrypted emails
  • Simple to access encrypted emails via a secure web portal, eliminating the need for more complex encryption methods
  • Configurable controls such as read receipts, forwarding and printing restrictions, and access revocation
  • Integrates with Large File Sending (upto 2GB)
  • Popular with Mimecasts' legal sector customers

Expert Insight:

Mimecast offer a simple to use email encryption service. The secure web portal means it’s easy for end users to open encrypted emails without compromising on security. There is also a good amount of configurable controls, meaning that the level of security can be customised to each specific need within your organisation. For example, if a confidential email is mistakenly sent to the wrong person, even with the access to read it, access to that email can be revoked even after sending. There are also controls to stop the data being forwarded or printed. There are read receipts given, but there is less of a focus on auditing to gain more insights into where emails are being shared than competitors like Virtru offer.

Mimecast encryption is not offered as a standalone product but comes as part of Mimecast’s Information Archiving and Secure messaging subscriptions, with varying degrees of features and controls on offer. This makes it a good choice for Mimecast customers who are looking for email encryption to add to their existing security products. Mimecast offers strong encryption with a range of end user controls. It’s a good solution to consider for email encryption, especially for existing Mimecast customers.

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