NINJIO is a Security Awareness Company. NINJIO'S flagship product, NINJIO AWARE educates the end-user of our clients about being cyber-secure. NINJIO is a “Content First” Company. Over 200 hours are spent on each Hollywood story-based episode, to deliver the highest quality production on the market today.

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Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: Ninjio offer content first security awareness training.

Who are Ninjio?

Ninjio are a security awareness vendor which puts content first. They provide story based security awareness training as animated episodes. They aim to make security awareness training as engaging as possible, so that employees enjoy and take on board the materials. This will help to improve the overall security awareness o a business. They also offer simulated phishing campaigns through third party partners, and a range of analytics and metrics. Ninjio have recently partnered with IronScales to offer technical security awareness training alongside security awareness training.

For: Organizations looking for the most high quality and engaging security awareness training materials.

Not For: Corporate enterprises looking for granular reporting and customisable training content and materials.


  • Training materials are animations with very high production values that cover multiple security threats
  • Animated episodes are 3-4 minutes in length, and inspired by a real security breach and written by professional television screenwriters starring Hollywood actors
  • Detailed further reading materials are available for end users to find out more about security topics
  • Ninjio Phish is a simulated phishing testing module that comes from Ninjio partners and is fully independent of the training
  • Range of admin features to streamline management such as Single Sign on Technologies and Active Directory integration
  • Offers full legal compliance to businesses of all sizes

Expert Insight:

Ninjio offers a strong platform for providing employees with highly engaging and memorable awareness training materials. Ninjio has been unique in it’s security awareness training approach, prioritising content before anything else. The animation is Hollywood quality, with some high profile actors and screenwriters making security training something that employees may actually want to undergo. Alongside animated video, Ninjio do publish blogs and some other materials if employees want to read more about certain topics.

Ninjio offer security awareness testing in the form of phishing simulations, but this comes through third party solutions. They have also partnered with security platforms such as Ironscales, who offer phishing protection within the email inbox. Ninjio offer a range of admin features, but these are not as advanced as the reporting and analytics offered by some other products in this category. Ninjio however, has excelled at high quality and engaging content. This is arguably the most important factor in security awareness training, as it is likely to make more people aware of security issues. IF you are looking for the most captivating security awareness training materials to help employees become more security aware, Ninjio is a good option.

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NINJIO Vendor Overview

NINJIO was founded by Zack Schuler to address the issue of the human vulnerability in security solutions, NINJIO's purpose is to change the landscape of Security Awareness. Zack took a blank canvas and asked, “If I wanted to be educated on Security Threats, what format would lead to the greatest engagement, and therefore the greatest results?” Drawn out on this blank canvas, he architected the formula for NINJIO. Part of this formula consisted of grabbing the emotional attention of the viewer in the first scene.

Employees on LinkedIn 9
Glassdoor Rating (5 reviews)
Founded 2015
Revenue $1 to $5 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Westlake Village, CA, US
Support Team Location(s) California, US

NINJIO Service Overview

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NINJIO Features

Explore the key features offered by NINJIO. These features are what makes them unique and showcase what they can offer your business.

NINJIO Features

Feature Description
Animated shorts High production value animations to engage employees to increase security awareness
Story based learning Engages users and always uses a non-fiction component to eliminate the thought of ‘It won’t happen to me’
Gamified content Each short contains interactive elements which cannot be skipped by users to ensure they are engaging with the material and learning
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