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NINJIO offer content first security awareness training.


Organizations looking for the most high quality and engaging security awareness training materials.

Who are NINJIO?

NINJIO is an I.T. Cyber Security Awareness Solution that produces 3-4 min-long micro-learning animated episodes based on or inspired by real life companies who have suffered a significant breach. These episodes are created and distributed every 30 days to educate employees about the dangers that exist in cyber security. This frequency of learning gradually changes users' behavior.

Creating engaging story-based content on a frequent basis keeps cyber security awareness “Top of Mind.” Being Top of Mind leads to greater retention. Retention changes behavior such that when a user is faced with a threat, they remember how to react. The outcome for your organization- FEWER BREACHES.

What is NINJIO Aware?

  • Animated episodes that teach and reinforce how to practice safe computing
  • Each episode features a micro-learning format of 3-4 minutes in length
  • Each episode features, or is inspired by, a real company who has had a significant breach. Almost every company we feature has made headlines in the news
  • A new episode is released every 30 days and focuses on current and prolific threats
  • Each episode focuses on a single attack vector, so the viewer isn’t confused with too many technical terms
  • Each episode is written by a true Hollywood writer, Bill Haynes, WGA, who has a combined 71 episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and CSI: NY that he has either written or produced (or both)
  • Each episode features Hollywood voice actors, some of whom might be famous and well recognized
  • Each episode gets its own blog post so that after your users have completed it, they can read deeper into the breach that was focused on
  • Each episode comes with an “anchoring comic strip” that gets deployed 2 weeks after the episode to reinforce the teachable moment
  • At the end of every episode, there is a one question, multiple choice, multiple answer quiz
  • Each episode is “gamified” such that users earn points for timely consumption of the content, and a good score on the quiz
  • NINJIO can be delivered through our cloud hosted Learning Management or can be provided to clients in a SCORM format for release on their own LMS. In addition, NINJIO is published in HTML5 and .mp4.

Why NINJIO Works?

  • Each episode emotionally connects with your user in the first scene keeping them engaged throughout the entirety of the episode
  • The “Non-Fiction” component brings the story closer to home and helps to eliminate the thought of “This can never happen to me.”
  • They use story based learning that engages the user and makes the lesson more memorable and effective. As a user faces a threat, they are better able to recall how to react
  • They don't lecture your users thus keep them awake!
  • Briefly touching users every other week is the perfect frequency to keep security top of mind which in turn creates a “Culture of Awareness” within client’s organizations
  • Our Family Use Rights Program delivered at no cost brings security culture into the home and in turn strengthens culture at work

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NINJIO offers a strong platform for providing employees with highly engaging and memorable awareness training materials. NINJIO has been unique in it’s security awareness training approach, prioritising content before anything else. The animation is Hollywood quality, with some high profile actors and screenwriters which make security awareness training more exciting and engaging. Alongside animated video, NINJIO publish blogs if employees want to read more about certain topics. NINJIO has excelled at high quality and engaging content.

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Information Services, 25-100 employees

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May 8, 2019


"Ninjio has fun content that really engages and entertains our users"

What did you like best when using this solution?

The content Ninjio offers engages people to become more security aware. The videos are short and look professionally made, so they are easy to get people to watch and people actually remember the content. The quizzes are a good way to test how well people are coming along with the training.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

For security training there's not much to dislike. I believe this style of content is more engaging than the presentation styles some other security training companies offer.

Describe your over overall experience with NINJIO. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

We use Ninjio's security training content to help employees become more security aware. We get new content weekly with short animations that are engaging to our users. It helps employees become more security aware about a variety of different issues, which is very useful. It's much more effective that the other options I have trialled!