Office Message Encryption

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Office Message Encryption


End to end email encryption within O365.


O365 customers looking for easy to use email encryption without using a third party solution.

What is Office 365 Message Encryption?

Office Message Encryption is Microsoft’s new email encryption service. It works directly within Outlook on Office 365 and aims to help businesses protect sensitive emails, stay in control of their data, and become compliant with their security needs. Recipients of encrypted messages who are in Office 365 will be able to read those messages seamlessly in Outlook. Users that receive encrypted messages on other email clients can view the messages in the OME portal.


  • Allows sending of encrypted emails both inside and outside an organisation, with contacts who do not use O365 able to easily log in and view encrypted email
  • Low pricing for cost effective email encryption
  • Easy for end users to send and access encrypted email as it operates out of Office, so there is no third party functionality for them to lean
  • Easy to configure functionality for admins to set policies over which emails are encrypted
  • Easy to implement, being fully integrated with Office 365
  • End users have access to controls over encrypted email they send with policies such as blocking forwarding, and custom policies can be created
  • Secure gateway requires a users normal Microsoft account and password as the key to the email, so accessing encrypted messages is easy

Expert Insight:

Office Message Encryption is a new encryption service, and currently a relatively basic one. The secure web portal used to encrypt emails is an effective security measure which will protect sensitive emails, however it may not be as secure as alternative service which require a separate password to the one used to access the users email account. The service is easily implemented, and easy for end users to navigate. There are also some customisable policies for encrypted emails, such as end users being able to choose if they want the encrypted email to be forwarded or not. But this is a bare bones service. There are much less customisable policies offered than competitors, who generally offer the ability to stop copying and pasting and have attachment protection.

Microsoft do offer custom policies, but these can be complicated to make, and many of the features you may wish to build come as standard with other services. For example, the process to revoke the rights to encrypted email is much more complicated on Microsoft’s service than competitors like Mimecast, which allows this through a click of a button in Outlook. There is also no reporting or analytics of the encryption service offered at present.

This service is not as fully featured as competitors and will therefore appeal to O365 customers requiring a basic and easy to use email encryption service. However, for organizations requiring more advanced features, companies should consider trialling a more fully featured encryption service.

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