OneLogin Secure Single Sign-On

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OneLogin Secure Single Sign-On


One Secure SSO Portal for All Apps.


One-click Access to All Apps – In the Cloud and Behind the Firewall.

What is OneLogin Secure Single Sign-On?

With OneLogin's single sign-on portal users only have to enter one set of credentials to access their web apps in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets. This greatly increases productivity while keeping data secure. OneLogin's policy-driven password security and multi-factor authentication ensure that only authorized users get access to sensitive data. You can implement more demanding password policies such as required length, complexity and restrictions on password reuse, as well as session timeout and password reset self-service policy to heighten protection without impeding your users.

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  • Provides users with Secure, Unified Endpoint Management
  • Allows you to create any number of logins to the same type of application
  • Lets end-users sign in to OneLogin using their Social Identity Provider credentials from services such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Only prompts users for credentials when necessary, users who are already signed into their corporate Windows domain get automatically signed into OneLogin using integrated Windows Authentication
  • OneLogin is not limited to enterprise apps. You can choose to allow users to add their own, personal apps like LinkedIn, Twitter and travel booking sites
  • OneLogin's portal supports 21 languages, which gives users across the globe an optimized user experience.
  • OneLogin's SSO solution lets you easily share access to such applications among multiple users without having to give out the credentials
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