OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

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OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication


Leverage powerful fraud detection and authentication orchestration to reduce fraud and optimize each digital experience


Multi-factor authentication, risk analytics, and app security

What is OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication?

OneSpan’s Intelligent Adaptive Authentication applies a precise level of security for each unique customer interaction. No more, no less. This provides the best possible user experience.

Intelligent Adaptive Authentication accomplishes this through real-time analysis of vast amounts of user, device, and transaction data, resulting in a risk score. This score triggers automated security workflows that apply the exact security required.

OneSpan offers the deepest integration and visibility into the mobile channel. This ensures accurate fraud detection and fewer false positives – as well as more effective protection in the rapidly growing mobile channel.

Top Alternatives to OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication


  • Deliver a seamless customer experience to drive loyalty and service utilization
  • Speed up compliance with pre-configured rule sets and predictive machine learning models
  • Reduce password risks with multi factor authentication (MFA)
  • Stop more fraud with a powerful risk analytics engine that uses machine learning
  • Leverage APIs to integrate new authentication and fraud technology
  • Improve visibility into mobile channel risks across users, devices, and apps

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Multi-Factor Authentication
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