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All in one email signature marketing and management platform.


Customers looking for strong user management features and a strong range of analytics and insights.

What is Opensense?

Opensense is an email signature platform which aims to help businesses grow and acquire leads with signature marketing. They aim to help companies reinforce their brand identity, inform their customers and build new relationships. Opensense allows you to enforce a signature across your whole company to ensure it’s consistent with your brand identity with centralized admin control. It also allows you to design signature templates with consistent and dynamic messaging. Opensense also offers a campaign management platform and tracking and analytics.


  • Email signature builder allows you to easily insert logos, graphics and social media buttons so you can design visually striking signatures, with HTML template editor
  • Allows you to enforce company signature policies with different styles available for different departments
  • Integrates with multiple platforms such as Hubspot and Salesforce
  • ‘Signature Push’ in the Management console allows you to configure signatures universally without end users needing to do anything
  • Full suite of engagement analytics showing view notifications, track notifications and attachment analytics
  • Good option for marketeers with banner ad functionality and focus on generating new leads
  • Built in editorial calendar which allows content scheduling
  • Landing page functionality and A/B testing for banner ads

Expert Insight

Opensense is a good email signature option for companies looking for advanced email signature functionality. The management console is web based which means it’s very easy to get started. Templates are built in a HTML editor, however customers report that there are no pre-built templates so they need to be built for the ground up. There is a high level of features which can be added to signatures, such as logos, photos, social media icons and ads. A key benefit of this service over competitors is the analytics.

Opensense show a range of metrics about how effective your email campaigns, showing devices, open rates, lead generations and forwarding statistics. This goes far beyond many competitor services. Customers have suggested this platform is advanced, which may suggest it’s not the most suitable platform for businesses looking for the easiest way to create email signatures. But for companies looking for strong functionality, user management and multiple reports and analytics, this is a strong platform to consider.

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