Pixm Phishing Edition

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Pixm Phishing Edition


Next generation spear-phishing protection


Organizations seeking a browser based solution

Who are Pixm?

Expert Insights meet with Pixm at RSA 2019, in San Francisco. Pixm were exhibiting in the early stage expo as one of 50 promising companies.

Their approach to phishing protection is different to other vendors in the the post delivery protection category. Their solution doesn't stop the actual email. Instead the end user is able to access the phishing email and click through to the phishing website. Pixm operates as a browser plugin which detects that the user is visiting a phishing website and then closes the browser to prevent data loss. Therefore Pixm should be viewed as more like a browser isolation solution that is focused on phishing protection

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Pixm Features

FREE Personal Edition: Protect your family, personal accounts and sensitive information from the most common phishing attacks.

Phishing Edition: Protect your business and your customers from the most common phishing attacks.

Spear-Phishing Edition: Get custom protection for your Enterprise when you are the target of sophisticated spear-phishing attacks.

Expert Insight

The Pixm solution is possibly of interest to three groups of users;

  1. Consumers who are seeking phishing protection for their Outlook / Gmail accounts
  2. Other email security vendors who are possibly looking at 3rd party plugin modules
  3. Business users who are willing to consider an alternative approach to phishing protection

Profile: Pixm Phishing Edition

Post-Delivery Protection
Endpoint plugin
Starting Price:
$3 user / month

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