Proofpoint Email Protection

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Proofpoint Email Protection


Proofpoint protects against imposter email, malware and spam


Enterprise – sized organizations looking for strong multi-layered email security with imposter email, malware and spam protection

What is Proofpoint Email Protection?

Proofpoint is a cyber security what protects organizations against advanced threats and data loss. They offer cloud based security solutions to help you detect and block targeted attacks. Proofpoint Email Protection is a cloud based email security platform, that blocks threats from the network gateway. It offers multiple layers of enhanced security including email filtering, control and visibility. Proofpoint offer two email security services. Email protection is aimed at mid-sized to larger organizations. Smaller organizations of <250 users should consider Proofpoint Essentials.

Proofpoint Email Protection Features:

  • Offers strong multi-layered cloud protection with virus defences and zero-hour threat protection
  • Protection against phishing, spear phishing and spoofing attacks
  • Strong spam filtering by scanning headers email reputation and more
  • Low false positive rates
  • Flexible reporting dashboard so you can monitor user activity and spam rates
  • Emergency Inbox allows automatic access to emails even when servers are down and email search logs that can be accessed by end users
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface, quick and easy reporting
  • End user controls available such as self-service quarantines, safe and block lists and bulk mail delivery
  • Scalable and suitable for large organizations

Expert Insight:

Proofpoint is a marker leading email security vendor. Their Email Protection platform offers strong protection against email threats such as viruses and malware This platform is multi-layered and includes 100% protection against known viruses, and defence against zero-hour threats. This is a good option for companies suffering from social engineering styled attacks such as phishing, as it blocks these hacking attempts from entering the email network. Reporting is comprehensive, showing mail flow trends and individual end – user behaviours. There is a strong range of admin features with AD integration, content controls for social media and user level controls. End users have access to their own email quarantines and can create ‘safe and block’ lists.

The advanced features and ease of use for this service means that it’s a good option for organisations looking for strong protection against imposter email, phishing and spam. The service is expensive, and so is suitable for enterprise level organisations, looking for a market leading email protection service.

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