Proofpoint (Wombat Security) Security Awareness Training

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Proofpoint (Wombat Security) Security Awareness Training


Educate employees and reduce risk with advanced threat simulations and security awareness training.


Proofpoint Security Awareness Training provides security awareness training with interactive training modules.

What is Proofpoint Security Awareness Training?

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training offer a range of modules which comprise their security awareness training platform. This includes phishing simulations, USB testing simulations, training modules and knowledge assessments. They have a focus on ease of use and efficiency with research based anti-phishing tools.


  • Range of simulated cyber attacks to test how security aware employees are, with phishing, USB and SMS simulations with customisable templates
  • Well-researched and interactive training modules with a wide selection of videos, posters, images and articles to help engage users to remember security awareness materials
  • Training modules are made for different sectors to help meet specific training needs, with ongoing and updated content
  • Range of tests to measure employee’s security awareness outside of simulated phishing with ‘CyberStrength’ assessment platform
  • They offer a managed option in which they set up simulated campaigns which is ideal for saving IT departments time
  • ‘Phish Alarm’ feature is an email client plug-in which allows employees to report suspected phishing attacks
  • Reporting within comprehensive security dashboard with reports and analytics to show the performance of security awareness training campaigns and measuring how well employees are improving over time

Expert Insight:

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is a strong solution for security awareness training. It’s an easy to use and deploy service, with a single dashboard for monitoring all campaigns and reporting of results. There is a range of security testing on offer, with videos, posters, images and articles to get people engaged with security concerns. The simulated campaigns and training materials are all customisable, to help businesses make sure that they are getting training bespoke for their unique security needs. Customers highly praise the training material on offer, particularly the engaging video content.

Proofpoint also offer a ‘Phish Alarm’ function, which allows end users to report phishing attacks to IT departments. They also offer a ‘CybersStrength’ assessment platform which is a more traditional way to test employee’s cyber security awareness alongside security awareness training. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is a capable solution for companies looking for ongoing security awareness training with engaging materials.

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Security Awareness Training
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User Reviews

Senior Security Analyst

Existing Customer

Retail, 250-500 employees

Used the product for: 6-12 months

May 8, 2019


"Great solution with quick implementation and good end user experience"

What did you like best when using this solution?

The phishing simulation and training modules we used were very useful. It's a strong solution and very easy to use. It helped us meet all our regulatory requirements.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

Some aspects of sending out training could be more automated. We would have liked a bit more customization for the training.

Describe your over overall experience with Proofpoint (Wombat Security) Security Awareness Training. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

This is a very helpful solution that has helped us to train people to be more aware of phishing attacks, social engineering attacks and general good security practices. The training is engagging for end users and helps them to be more aware of security issues.