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SafeDNS was founded in 2010 for developing web filtering and cybersecurity solutions for different markets and customers. We use AI-powered filtering technologies as the most effective for our aims.

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Overall Score


Safe Internet for Business Review

Review date: December 18th 2018

SafeDNS was founded in 2010 and aims to bring companies DNS based web filtering to help keep their employees safe online. SafeDNS is sold directly as well as through MSPs and resellers. Its HQ is in the US with a development team based in Eastern Europe. They offer web filtering to businesses, schools and home users, with the aim of making using the internet safer and filtering inappropriate content.

Benefits of SafeDNS

  • The service offers customers web filtering to stop users visiting restricted websites, such as adult content
  • Threat protection is informed by SafeDNS’s own AI powered URL database
  • Suitable platform for MSPs and resellers looking to sell as a service
  • DNS based filtering means that the service is easy to deploy
  • Comprehensive URL categories
  • Competitively priced
  • This platform is ideal for organizations looking for WiFi protection for a site, e.g. office, hotel or hospital, where you want to set different content filtering rules for everyone who uses it
  • Deployment of this is easy, with no software to install on individual devices that will be accessing via WiFi

What you should know about SafeDNS

  • Businesses can only view individual employee browsing habits with a desktop agent being installed and per filtering policy
  • The agent is currently on available on Windows. However, MacOS, iOS and Android versions are coming in 2019

Expert Insights Verdict on SafeDNS

SafeDNS filters over 100 million URLs and offer a solution, that is easy to install and manage. The service is suitable for organizations deploying different policies to all WiFI users.

SafeDNS has a lower price point than competitors and this is reflected in the lack of depth in their admin controls and threat protection compared to other vendors in this category.

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SafeDNS Vendor Overview

SafeDNS was founded in 2010 for developing web filtering and cybersecurity solutions for different markets and customers. We use AI-powered filtering technologies as the most effective for our aims.

Employees on LinkedIn 36
Glassdoor Rating Not rated
Founded 2010
Revenue <$1 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Legal HQ in VA, US, Development in Russia
Support Team Location(s) Netherlands & Russia

Safe Internet for Business Service Overview

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Safe Internet for Business Features


Feature Description
Web Filtering Filters malicious and inappropriate web content to give employers more control over what employees see online. Service also offers ad blocking and a whitelist only mode so that people can only access pre-approved content.
Threat Protection Threat protection is achieved through categorisation of website based on AI powered information on millions of webpages. This ensures users cannot access dangerous sites, but there is no active URL scanning.
Reporting and Logging Statistics and reports are available to show who has accessed or tried to access blocked websites. Real time visibility over what people are doing online for businesses. There are numerous reports that can be scheduled.
Administrative Controls Everyone can set their own filtering rules. Larger administrations have accessed to role-based administrative controls.
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Our content filtering service for SMBs allows you to control how employees use corporate network. SafeDNS web filter helps employers to limit personnel's irrelevant Internet activity saving working time thus significantly cutting corporate expenses. In short, it is perfect for you and your staff.

Package Price
For 5 users $80 per year
For 10 users $150 per year
For 25 users $350 per year
For 50 users $600 per year
For 75 users $785 per year
For 100 users $970 per year
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