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Robust access management with powerful session monitoring and auditing capabilities


Larger enterprises looking for more control over privileged activities

What is Safeguard?

One Identity’s Safeguard solution allows organizations to secure, control and audit privileged accounts for the entire duration of the session. It features powerful auto discovery and provisioning capabilities, which make it easy for admins to monitor and address suspicious or unauthorized behavior. All of One Identity’s PAM products are available as modules or as an integrated package, so that customers can build new capabilities onto their existing measures.


  • Quickly discover privileged accounts or systems on your network with host-, directory- and network-discovery options
  • Privileged accounts are stored in a hardened appliance, which helps to enhance security and speed installation and ongoing management
  • Record all session activity - down to the keystroke, mouse movement and windows viewed
  • All activity is captured, indexed and stored in encrypted, time-stamped and cryptographically signed files for forensics and compliance purposes
  • Activity can be viewed like a video and searched like a database. Search for specific events across sessions and watch the recording beginning from the exact location that the event occurred
  • Traffic is monitored in real time either by humans or machines, so that appropriate actions can be executed automatically if a certain actions appear in the command line or on screen
  • Uncover previously unknown threats from inside and outside of your organization by using user-behavior analytics technology
  • Use a single account to access privileged and non-privileged resources eliminating provisioning and deprovisioning errors, decreasing help desk workloads and increasing security

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