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Real time customer experience and analytics tools.


Customers with a large amount of website traffic who want to see audience behaviours in real time, and a cheap, easy to use service.

What is SeeVolution?

SeeVolution is a website conversion tool with a unique focus on live tracking and web analytics in real time. They offer multiple features to help you to visualise how users are engaging with your website. They offer backstage analytics of how the site is being used, click and eye tracking heatmaps, live click visibility and session recording. They also offer analysis and reports, as well as functionality to create goals for conversions and lead generation.


  • Strong heatmapping functionality, with high traffic and high click areas given a visitor analysis which breaks down customer demographics
  • Live click heat maps show user activity in real time, visualizing click trends, attention scrolls and demographic analysis
  • Recorded sessions show exactly how individual users are engaging with the site, and can be filtered by country, number of pages viewed, and time spent on pages
  • Asset analysis shows you how engaging forms, images and links are by measuring user interactions in real time
  • Easy to set campaign goals and visitor funnels to measure them, with filtered analytics and goal based live analytics
  • Very cost effective and easy to use service

Expert Insight

Seevolution is a good option for companies looking to identify areas where they can improve they user experience. The session recording and heatmapping provide good visibility into how users are using the site. There is some good reporting and analytical functions which allow you to drill down and see how different segments of your audience are engaging with different areas of your website.

The focus on live tracking and analysis will be a benefit to companies with high volumes of traffic at particular times. SeeVolution is a cost effective and easy to use service, which is suited to organizations looking for real time break downs of how people are using website content.

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