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ShareGate Desktop


Migrate to Office 365 or SharePoint On-Premises, quickly and easily.


Office 365 Migration.

What is ShareGate Desktop?

Know the score before you migrate and minimize unwelcome surprises. ShareGate Desktop gives you a clear, 360-degree view of everything that’s in your source environment, so you can fix any issues in advance (and we even help you spot them). Get all the information you need to plan your migration and accurately estimate the effort required. The Source Analysis feature scans your environment and displays key information, such as your total number of site collections, workflows and unused sites, at a glance.


  • ShareGate Desktop's super-simple drag-and-drop process helps you migrate files quickly and easily
  • Ensure users can seamlessly locate all their content in its new home by mapping user permissions, metadata, site templates, and content types from their destination
  • ShareGate use the quickest migration path and APIs made available by Microsoft as well as optimize each call made to your environments
  • Bulk editing option allows you to edit the properties of multiple items at once before mapping them out, saving you valuable time
  • Prioritize content to migrate, avoid overwriting newer files at their destination, and eliminate costly downtime for your users with the incremental copy option
  • Schedule or automate your migration and other repetitive management tasks directly from the app or with ShareGate Desktop's PowerShell integration to save time and minimize impact on your production resources
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