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Email Signatures to help customers standardize brand consistency and drive ROI via emails.


Marketeers looking to use signatures as a marketing tool to provide customers personalised ads on every email.

What is Sigstr?

Sigstr is an email signature tool that sees email signatures first and foremost as a marketing opportunity to promote your products and brand. They offer a range of features to allow your emails to include visually striking banners, such as including gifs to capture audience attention. This product uses AI systems to apply personalised signatures as a banner ad on every email. The platform also offers reporting and analytics and employee group management.


  • Ideal solution for companies looking to advertise products or events to customers within emails, with advertising targeted to each individual recipient
  • Template generator is web based and easy to use, with relevant content automatically used in signatures
  • Good features for event marketing with registration materials and countdown widget features that can be used in signatures
  • Good employee management features, such as being able to segment designs by individuals, departments and geography
  • Multiple reporting and analysis capabilities are offered to help measure ROI including click notifications, click tracking and engagement statistics, alongside third party tracking integrations
  • Employee Data Management and employee preferences can all be managed through the web based Sigstr account
  • Range of interactions with platforms like Hubspot to help you map user journeys and conversions

Expert Insight

Sigstr is an ideal option for marketing teams looking for a way to turn their email signatures into a banner advert to promote your brand. Sigstr offers features to create a template, and then uses AI system to provide personalised content for your audience. This is easy to use and will help to engage customers through email communications. You can choose the type of content in your signatures, including widgets like gifs and countdown timers. The platform also offers a good web based management platform and reports to help you assign different signatures to different employee groups and see how well your email campaigns are preforming. Important, there are also a good range of integrations on offer, so the system plays well with your existing campaign tools.

This platform is not the best for companies looking for B2B signature management, with more of a focus on marketing and visually striking product advertising. But for companies looking to visually engage customers and increase conversions, this is a compelling solution.

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