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Enterprise focused message archiving of email and 80+ communications channels.


Large enterprises, especially in the financial sector, looking for archiving of email and other messaging platforms.

Who are Smarsh?

Helping regulated organizations to capture, archive and supervise the newest communication channels to meet compliance and e-discovery challenges head-on. 6,500+ customers with focus on banks, finance and government agencies.

Smarsh Features:

  • Messages are captured automatically and sent encrypted to the archive
  • Messages within the archive cannot be edited or deleted to ensure legal compliance
  • All archive data is indexed and has a full range of eDiscovery tools for fast searching and exporting
  • Messages are archived in the context they were sent, so businesses get full visibility over conversations
  • Images and attachments sent within emails are also archived
  • Archive is fully compliant, showing meta-data such as who sent the email, at what time, and to which recipients
  • Messages can be stored indefinitely to meet compliance needs
  • End users can access their own personal email archive
  • Support for 80+ communications channels including Bloomberg & Slack

Expert Insight:

Smarsh Archiving is a technically impressive service which offers a range of archiving features. Their ability to archive messaging from a range of IM platforms sets them apart from many of their competitors.

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Email Archiving
Portland, OR, US
Cloud via Journalling, API
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Finance, Government

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