Comprehensive email capture and archiving from Smarsh is designed to help you meet recordkeeping, supervision, and e-discovery requirements head on. We support all popular email platforms, enabling you to retain, recall, review, and report on all your email-based communications.

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Smarsh Review

Review date: February 15th 2019

Snapshot: Smarsh ensures compliance by archiving all emails and attachments.

Who are Smarsh?

Smarsh offer archiving solutions to help companies strengthen their compliance and eDiscovery. Smarsh Archiving supports all email platforms, securely storing emails for legal purposes. They offer basic archiving, as well as a more professional archiving service. This enterprise service is expensive and aimed predominately at regulated financial companies. Many of their other customers are banks and government agencies. Smarsh stores all email communications, as well as attachments.

For: Large enterprises, especially though in the financial sector, looking for email archiving including attachments.

Not For: SMBs looking for a low cost, user-friendly basic archiving solution.

Smarsh Features:

  • Messages are captured automatically and sent encrypted to the archive
  • Messages within the archive cannot be edited or deleted to ensure legal compliance
  • All archive data is indexed and has a full range of eDiscovery tools for fast searching and exporting
  • Messages are archived in the context they were sent, so businesses get full visibility over conversations
  • Images and attachments sent within emails are also archived
  • Archive is fully compliant, showing meta-data such as who sent the email, at what time, and to which recipients
  • Messages can be stored indefinitely to meet compliance needs
  • End users can access their own personal email archive

Expert Insight:

Smarsh Archiving is a technically impressive service which offers a range of archiving features. The archive is secure with emails automatically stored in an encrypted format where they cannot be edited or deleted. There are a range of eDiscovery tools to make searching and exporting emails easy. Messages are stored with attachments, and within the context in which they were originally sent, which makes it easy to export whole conversations if needed for legal reasons.

However, there have been some problems put forth by customers about the service. This is primarily cantered around the cost of the service, and around high export fees from removing emails in bulk from the archive. The advanced features offered by Smarsh means that the platform can also be difficult to use, meaning it is not an ideal solution for small and medium sized companies. Larger organizations looking for advanced archiving features, however, should consider Smarsh.

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Smarsh Vendor Overview

Smarsh helps organizations get ahead – and stay ahead – of the risk within their electronic communications. With innovative capture, archiving and monitoring solutions that extend across the industry’s widest breadth of channels, customers can leverage the productivity benefits of email, social media, mobile/text messaging, instant messaging/collaboration, websites and voice while efficiently strengthening their compliance and e-discovery initiatives.  

Employees on LinkedIn 285
Glassdoor Rating (62 reviews)
Founded 2001
Revenue $50 to $100 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Portland, OR, US
Support Team Location(s) Portland, OR, New York

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