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Session replay tool for web, mobile and apps


Small to midsized companies looking for easy to use comprehensive customer behavior mapping and conversion funnels.

What is Smartlook?

Smartlook is a website conversion platform offering qualitative analysis of mobile apps and webpages. Smartlook offers functionality to help you increase conversions by improving the customer experience of your website. This includes session recordings and heatmaps which show the whole customer journey. They have a focus on showing the customer story, contextualizing the data over how users are engaging with your website. Smartlook also offer functionality for mobile applications.


  • Fully featured session recording which identifies customers by the information you have stored in your database, and allows you to view JavaScript errors in the console
  • Heatmaps can be segmented into new and returning visitors, which will help you identify problems new visitors are having more easily
  • Event tracking is automatically added to all pages, which can be used to create conversion funnels
  • Conversion funnels are detailed, use session recordings and allow you to break down audience segments to see where specific groups are dropping off most commonly
  • Integrates with over 50 tools and platforms
  • Strong behavioral analytics and customer profiling
  • Easy to use platform with intuitive UI

Expert Insight

Smartlook is a good solution for customers looking for customer behaviour tracking. There is a range of heatmaps available. Session recordings and event tracking is accessible and effectively show you how users are engaging with your website. The conversion funnel functionality is a stand out feature of this service. Funnels are easy to set up and offer features such as being able to view session recordings at any stage and being able to drill down into different customer segments. This makes it easy to identify the customer journeys of a certain group of users.

Smartlook is an easy to use, low cost service. It’s a good option for small to midsized companies looking for a website conversion platform to track visitor behaviors. It’s a strong platform for session recording, recording visitors on the web or on mobile.

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