SolarWinds Passportal

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SolarWinds Passportal


Best practice password management with credentials and knowledge stored in an encrypted password vault, controlled by role-based permissions and MFA.


Ideal for MSP and/or internal it services teams that need easy-to-use, simple, cloud-based password security.

What is SolarWinds Passportal?

SolarWinds® Passportal is a cloud-based, encrypted and efficient password and credential management solution built for IT services, offering credential injection, reporting, auditing, password change automation, and privileged client documentation capabilities designed to streamline the technicians day by providing essential documentation at their fingertips to standardize service delivery and expedite issue resolution and access control at their fingerprints in a single console.

Manage risk, shorten incident-resolution times, and help clients meet compliance guidelines.

Add SolarWinds® Passportal Site™ to sell a branded password management as-a-service solution to your clients.

Add SolarWinds® Passportal Blink™ to provide end users the ability to reset passwords on their mobile devices in under 60 seconds.

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  • Centralized, cloud-based password management platform
  • Passwords are stored, easily searched, changed and configured automatically
  • Allows technicians to more effectively support clients
  • Secure data storage with fully encrypted data and passphrases
  • Granular data access control and user permissions
  • Automates password changes by integrating with Active Directory, AzureAD or Office 365
  • Generates strong, unique passwords and auto-config capability across Windows services
  • Automated audits and reports showing password complexity, age, expiry and more over 90 days
  • Deeply integrated with many PSA and RMM tools
  • Cross-browser extension and mobile app available
  • Self-Service password reset tool available
  • Fully white-labelled for MSPs; password management as a service
  • Unlimited documentation and flexible custom templates
  • Asset management and relationship mapping

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Business Password Management
SolarWinds MSP
2014, Aquired by SolarWinds 2019
Calgary, AB
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