SolarWinds Spam Experts

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SolarWinds Spam Experts


Incoming and Outgoing Email Filter and Email Archiving.


Web-hosting companies & ISPs/telcos looking for a email filtering solution with fast deployment & user-friendly interface to enhance their offerings.

What is SolarWinds Spam Experts?

SolarWinds® Spam Experts helps web-hosting companies and ISPs/telcos strengthen email protection. Services include affordable inbound and outbound email filtering and archiving solutions—driven by a continuously updated Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine to meet emerging threats. Solutions can be deployed in a highly redundant Spam Experts cloud environment or on-premises.

The software is based on self-learning technology, which provides continuously updated spam and malware protection. The filtering-system expertise is a direct result of processing email flowing through over 2.5 million active domains daily.

It continuously collects and analyzes data to predict and instantly identify new spam outbreaks. This accumulated intelligence is shared real-time with all clients worldwide, ensuring timely protection against new threats.

Spam Experts also offers increased email continuity. When your email server is unreachable, our system allows you full access (read, compose, answer) to the emails stored in our queue until your email server is back online. This provides an uninterrupted email flow and increased email continuity, helping prevent email from being lost or bounced back to the sender.

Email Archiving helps store an encrypted copy of your inbound and outbound emails for backup and later access. Spam Experts software compresses, encrypts, and stores your emails, helping ensure data is not lost.

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  • Robust email antivirus and anti-spam protection powered by a continuously updated threat database
  • Efficient first-level incoming filter defense that runs in front of the customer’s email infrastructure
  • Continuously updated software based on Intelligent Protection & Filtering Engine with self-learning technologies from newly detected threats
  • Email continuity
  • Compatible with any email service
  • Control & transparency: multi-tier, multi-tenant, multi-lingual control panel
  • Encrypted email archiving for back-up and compliance
  • Branding for you and your customers
  • Free add-ons to integrate with the most popular control panels and other email collaboration tools
  • Custom integrations with an extensive and well-documented API
  • Affordable pricing

Profile: SolarWinds Spam Experts

Email Security Gateway
SolarWinds MSP
2005, Aquired by SolarWinds 2017
Austin, TX
Cloud, Local Host

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