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Sonian Archiving


Sonian is a pure play email archiving provider with options to host email in AWS or private cloud.


Organizations looking to archive email with fast and accurate search.

Who are Sonian?

Sonian offer cloud archiving as their core service. In 2017, they were bought by Barracuda. Their platform stores all inbound, outbound and internal emails, with attachments in a cloud archive. Emails within the archive can be quickly searched an exported for legal compliance. The platform also offers logs and analytics to help prevent data. The core focus of this platform is securing electronic communications and using this to generate insights and data. Sonian is not sold directly and can only be bought through MSPs or resellers.

Sonian Archiving Features:

  • Secure archive is easy to search with all inbound, outbound and file attachments archived
  • Unlimited cloud storage options for scalable archiving
  • Searching the archive is quick, with tagging options to help find communications easily
  • Dependable service, with 99.99% up time and 99.99999% data durability and availability
  • Easy to use service with rapid deployment and unlimited concurrent searches, making it a good option for MSPs and Resellers
  • Full legal compliance offered with audits and reports
  • Range of Insights from email communications such as showing when sensitive data is being sent/received from email
  • Insights can help to improve the overall security of a business, and enforce human resources policies around email communication
  • Service can be white labelled
  • Large resellers can host the service in their private cloud
  • Suitable for Groupwise, Notes, on-prem Exchange and O365 customers

Expert Insight:

As you’d expect from one of the only vendors offering only cloud Archiving, Sonian’s platform is an ideal solution for businesses looking for archiving. The platform offers a reliable and secure archive, which is quick to search, and offers tagging to help find and export data for legal reasons easily. It’s easy to manage and deploy, which makes it a good choice for most organisations, as well as MSPs and Resellers. The service archives all email communications an and attachments, with reports and audits, meaning this platform offers full legal compliance.

Sonian also offers ‘Insights’ which are generated from the email archive. This useful tool can show trends from email communications, which can help to highlight email security concerns, such as when sensitive information is being sent via email or can be used to help enforce policies such as stopping unprofessional/inappropriate use of email. End users can access their own archive, but not by default, and accessing archives on mobile may be difficult for some users.

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