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Stay Private ensures seamless, secure 2-way communication between businesses and external contacts. A delight to use and compatible with any set up, Stay Private takes the hassle out of encrypting emails and sharing files securely.

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Stay Private Email Encryption Review

Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: Stay Private offer simple and secure file sharing and email encryption.

Who are Stay Private?

Stay Private is a British company offering a comprehensive email encryption service. The service as a focus on being easy to install and packed with features. It offers attachment encryption, electronic signatures and delegation functionality alongside an extremely secure email encryption service. The encryption service works in two ways, through end to end encryption and through secure web portals.

Expert Insights names Stay Private '2018 Market Leader'

For: Small and medium sized businesses looking for easy to use and secure email encryption.

Not For: Companies looking for email encryption as part of an email security platform.


  • Secure email encryption with multiple encryption options
  • Secure file sharing available through the user portal
  • Embedded e-signature functionality
  • Easy to install with add-ins for all major email clients, taking pressure off IT teams and streamlining the end user experience
  • Controls available to revoke email access
  • Full auditing and reporting trails
  • Instant message and file encryption available
  • Secure Portal app available on Android and iOS
  • Delegation functionality so users can have access to other accounts
  • Customisable policies for which emails are encrypted, and fully configurable to match your organisation
  • Customised solutions for APO, Mobile SDK and integrations
  • Secure storage in UK based servers
  • Easy for recipients to create a pin and access the encrypted emails
  • End users controls including the ability to revoke access to mistakenly sent emails straight from their user portal
  • On premise solution for larger business

Expert Insight:

StayPrivate is a good option for keeping emails secure and protected. With multiple encryption options your confidential emails are guaranteed to stay safe. The installation process is easy for administrators to install and configure, with multiple policies to ensure the service is right for your organisation. The service is also easy for end users, working within existing email apps. The user interface for receiving and replying to encrypted emails is easy to navigate, and users only need to create one four digit passcode which they can then use to access all encrypted emails sent to them.

There are controls to revoke access to encrypted emails, but there are not as fully featured as some competitors service. However, StayPrivate is more fully featured in other areas, such as having auditing, instant messaging and file encryption and delegation functionality. They also offer great features for larger companies including bespoke encryption options, encrypted video calling and advanced audit features.

Offering multiple encryption options, customisable policies, a streamlined user experience and auditing, StayPrivate is a good all round encryption solution which Expert Insights would recommend.

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Stay Private Vendor Overview

StayPrivate ensures seamless, secure 2-way communication between businesses and external contacts. A delight to use and compatible with any set up, StayPrivate takes the hassle out of encrypting emails and sharing files securely.

With click-and-PIN access, TLS connections, AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication, StayPrivate enables companies of any size to exchange data with clients in a convenient, secure and GDPR-compliant manner.

Employees on LinkedIn 23
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Founded 2014
Revenue $1 to $5 million (USD) per year
Headquarters London, UK
Support Team Location(s) London, UK

Stay Private Email Encryption Service Overview

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Stay Private Email Encryption Features

The information in this review was verified with the vendor on October 11, 2018

Stay Private Email Encryption Features

Feature Description
Secure Web Portal Recipients click on the secure link in the email, set a four digit pin to secure future access and can then securely read and reply to emails
End to End Encryption Stay Private provides complete end to end encryption, as well as encryption during delivery and rest
Customizable Policies Build customisable solutions, fully configurable service so you can ensure you have the right level of security, end user controls for revoking access to encrypted emails
Ease of Use for End Users Works with any email account with add ins on Outlook and Gmail
Auditing and Access reports Easy to use interface allowing users to search for criteria and generate desired reports such as user information, user statuses and account usage
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