Sumo Logic Security Analytics

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Sumo Logic Security Analytics


A cloud native security analytics platform offering security for apps, infrastructure and critical data.


Devlopers and Security teams looking for strong analytics and team features.

What is Sumo Logic Secrurity Analytics?

Sumo Logic offers businesses a platform to confidently detect to threats and respond confidently. It allows you to detect threats by monitoring key security metrics and indicators of compromise. It integrates with cloud and on-premise technologies, with over 75 pre-build security monitoring solutions. You can then correlate trends and events to zero in on the most crucial threats.


  • Threat intelligence from CrowdStrike is included with this platform for up to date data to identify network threats
  • Easily boils down log data with machine learning analysis that pulls out anomalous behaviour
  • Allows you to sift through massive amounts of data with a powerful platform that connects the dots automatically
  • Offers pre-built PCI, CIS and GDPR Compliance reports
  • Built in integration with over 75 security solutions, including Palo Alto Networks, Okta, OneLogin, Carbon Black
  • Single unified solution for developers, security operations and LOB teams
  • Role based sharing and content sharing
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Profile: Sumo Logic Security Analytics

Threat Detection and Response
Sumo Logic
Redwoody City, CA
Cloud Based
Suitable For:
Developers, Security Vendors

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