Symantec CloudSOC

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Symantec CloudSOC


Cloud app security with deep visibility, tight data security and strong threat protection.


Medium and Enterprise customers using other Symantec cloud products like email and web security.

What is Symantec CloudSOC?

Symantec’s CloudSOC platform empowers companies to confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure and compliant. A range of capabilities on the CloudSOC platform deliver the full life cycle of cloud application security, including auditing of shadow IT, real-time detection of intrusions and threats, protection against data loss and compliance violations, and investigation of historical account activity for post-incident analysis. It offers organizations deep visibility into user activities and strong data security with threat protection.


  • Scans content and automatically classifies data with highly accurate DLP
  • Enforces rich content-aware and context-aware policies to govern transactions, including encryption of sensitive content
  • Monitors sensitive data and remediates risky exposuresidentified in cloud apps
  • Leverages both API-based Securlets™ for sanctioned SaaS and IaaS accounts and CASB Gateway for real-time traffic between users and cloud apps
  • Integrates with Symantec DLP to extend central enterprise DLP policies and workflows to cloud apps
  • Identifies, logs and maps abnormal and high-risk activity
  • Leverages both API-based Securlets for sanctioned SaaS and IaaS accounts and CASB Gateway for real-time traffic between users and cloud apps
  • Scans content in cloud apps for malware and remediates
  • Tracks individual user activity and assigns a realtime user ThreatScore.
  • Enforces policies based on ThreatScore to alert, quarantine or block activity
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Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
California, USA
California, USA
Cloud Based
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IT, Finance, Healthcare

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