Terranova Security Awareness Training

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Terranova Security Awareness Training


Security awareness training and phishing simulation with learner engagement at the heart of all course content and structure


Any organization, no matter their location, looking for a tailored and instructionally designed phishing awareness training and simulation solution

 What is Terranova Security Awareness Training?

Terranova Security’s phishing awareness solution aims to cultivate a security mindset amongst end users. Their solution is based on the “knowledge, support, motivation” behaviour change theory and, as such, is built with user engagement and support in mind. For this reason, they support each customer in a consultative manner to make sure that the content is fully tailored to their organizational needs, and the needs of specific groups of learners. Terranova’s materials are all available in 40 languages, including narration, and are fully scalable.

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  • Personalize every aspect of your learning environment to support your organization’s needs and goals
  • Choose from a deep selection of real-world phishing scenarios designed to show how easy it is to be phished by an email, landing page, text message, or link
  • Use phishing simulation results to identify at-risk employees, and deliver customized phishing simulations to high-risk users
  • Use visual reporting tools to identify what people are learning and where more training is needed
  • Provide users with multilingual training content that supports over 40 languages
  • Engage and motivate users with proven gamification techniques like interactive drag-and-drop exercises, quizzes, and more
  • Give users the freedom to complete their security awareness training on any mobile device

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