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Legacy secure email gateways are rule-based, require administration from IT and security teams, disrupt employees and are incapable of dealing with advanced threats. Tessian is a machine intelligent email security platform which protects your enterprise through the automatic prevention of spear phishing, misaddressed emails, unauthorized emails (data loss) and non-compliance.

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Tessian Review

Review date: February 18th 2019

Snapshot: Tessian prevents misaddressed email sending, data loss protection and phishing protection.

Who are Tessian?

Tessian is a cyber security vendor offering machine intelligent email security to protect enterprise networks. Their machine learning systems sit within the email network and scan all email communications, to learn patterns and identify anomalies. This allows the platform to automatically prevent spear phishing, misaddressed emails, unauthorized emails (data loss) and non-compliance. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms. There are four modules that make up Tessian’s platform. Guardian, which prevents email from being sent to the wrong recipient. Enforcer which protects sensitive information from being leaked to personal or unauthorised accounts. Constructor, which allows the implementation of customised security features. Finally, Defender, which blocks spear phishing attacks.

Expert Insights names Tessian '2018 Market Leader'

For: Financial institutions who need comprehensive and powerful phishing protection.

Not For: Small companies who want a low cost service to deal with low levels of spam.

Tessian Features:

  • Advanced machine learning offers comprehensive protection against unauthorised and misaddressed email
  • Offers strong protection from spear phishing attacks as AI quarantines malicious inbound email
  • Custom email filters mean that organisations can adapt the service to their specific needs
  • Fully GDPR compliant and helps to mitigate the risks of loss of sensitive data to meet regulatory requirements
  • Protects against human error and intentional leaking of sensitive information
  • Machine learning algorithms provide strong threat protection and automate email protection, reducing the burden on IT staff
  • Easy to Install with the communication patterns analysed initially in just 24 hours
  • Integrates with all existing email platforms meaning end users can continue to use emails as normal
  • Full auditing and reports of all threats detected

Expert Insight:

Tessian is a comprehensive outbound email security service. They offer businesses strong protection from multiple forms of data loss, and provide protection against spam and phishing protection. The platform’s machine learning algorithms accurately analyse communication patterns and suggest to users when they have mistakenly addressed an email to the wrong content. This helps to protect businesses against human error, and helps businesses to become more proactive in preventing data loss. Tessian also helps businesses to protect data from intentional leaking of data from employees and build customised security policies. The platform goes beyond Outbound Email Security, and also offers businesses protection from inbound threats with it’s new Defender platform, which offers protection from social engineering style attacks such as phishing.

Tessian’s platform is easy to use for end users and cloud-based, so easy to deploy. It works within existing email clients and offers reports on all threats picked up by the platform. Data-loss from misaddressed email or purposeful leaking of sensitive data can be hugely damaging for businesses. Tessian’s platform is a powerful solution to help protect businesses from these problems. It’s especially well suited to large financial companies, where protecting sensitive information is a high priority for security and legal compliance.


Tessian Vendor Overview

Tessian is a machine intelligent email security platform to automatically prevent cybersecurity threats like spear phishing, misaddressed emails, unauthorized emails (data loss) and non-compliance. Tessian uses machine learning to understand normal email communication patterns in order to automatically identify email security threats in real time, without the need for end user behaviour change or pre-defined rules and policies. Tessian is on a mission to transform the way organizations secure their communications channels, and is making email safe at some of the world’s largest enterprises across the financial, legal and tech sectors

Website https://www.tessian.com/
Employees on LinkedIn 72
Glassdoor Rating (25 reviews)
Founded 2016
Revenue $1 to $5 million (USD) per year
Headquarters London, UK
Support Team Location(s) London, New York

Tessian Service Overview


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Tessian Features

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Tessian Features

Feature Description
Misaddressed Email Prevention Tessian uses machine learning to identify communications patterns. It then scans outbound emails and alerts the sender if they have made a mistake, before the email is sent.
Unauthorised Email Blocking Tessian uses machine intelligence to identify unauthorized email recipients and prevent sensitive information being leaked to these accounts.
AI Adaptiveness Tessian machine learning analyses in real time and works without any disruption or delay to the user.
End User Ease of Use Existing customers have stated that the service is easy to use, the service integrates with all existing email networks.

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Misaddressed Email Prevention
Unauthorised Email Blocking
AI Adaptiveness
End User Ease of Use

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