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Tessian prevents misaddressed email sending.


Financial & legal institutions who need comprehensive and powerful protection against sending misaddressed emails.

Who are Tessian?

Tessian are a cyber security vendor offering machine intelligent email security to protect enterprise networks. Their machine learning systems sit within the email network and scan all email communications, to learn patterns and identify anomalies. This allows the platform to automatically prevent spear phishing, misaddressed emails, unauthorized emails (data loss) and non-compliance. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms. There are four modules that make up Tessian’s platform. Guardian, which prevents email from being sent to the wrong recipient. Enforcer which protects sensitive information from being leaked to personal or unauthorized accounts. Constructor, which allows the implementation of customized security features.

Tessian Features:

  • Advanced machine learning offers comprehensive protection against unauthorised and misaddressed email
  • Custom email filters mean that organisations can adapt the service to their specific needs
  • Fully GDPR compliant and helps to mitigate the risks of loss of sensitive data to meet regulatory requirements
  • Protects against human error and intentional leaking of sensitive information
  • Machine learning algorithms provide strong threat protection and automate email protection, reducing the burden on IT staff
  • Easy to Install with the communication patterns analysed initially in just 24 hours
  • Integrates with all existing email platforms meaning end users can continue to use emails as normal
  • Full auditing and reports of all threats detected

Expert Insight:

Tessian is a comprehensive outbound email security service. They offer businesses strong protection from multiple forms of data loss. The platform’s machine learning algorithms accurately analyse communication patterns and suggest to users when they have mistakenly addressed an email to the wrong content. This helps to protect businesses against human error, and helps businesses to become more proactive in preventing data loss.

Tessian also helps businesses to protect data from intentional leaking of data from employees and build customized security policies.

Email Security Guide for Office 365

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Trial only – we did not purchase

Finance, 25-100 employees

Used the product for: Free trial

May 8, 2019


"Unable to trial the service"

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We are a financial services company with 30 employees. We were looking for a solution that would stop us sending emails to the wrong people.

I tried calling Tessian on their UK number to request a demo & trial. Calls to the sales team and press team would drop out. I tried calling their support team. I reached someone on the 3rd attempt. The call was routed to a support engineer on their mobile (this was during work hours). I mentioned that it was odd for the call to go to a mobile. The engineer replied that they don't often deal with support issues by phone & they prefer support calls to go via email.

When I eventually reached a sales person, they would not allow us to trial the service. Apparently their policy was to only sell to companies with 100+ users.

Therefore we have been unable to trial Tessian.

Comment from Expert Insights - This reviewers score has not been used to score the Tessian service as the reviewer has not used the service.