Thunder TPS DDos Protection

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Thunder TPS DDos Protection


Flexible and robust Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) protection.


Automated DDoS protection with a range of hardware and software based deployment models.

What is Thunder TPS DDoS Protection?

Available in a wide range of form factors, A10 Networks delivers on-premises and cloud-based security solutions for the most challenging network environments. They automatically defend applications and services, in real time, before they are exploited by advanced cyber-attacks. Surgically detect and mitigate megabit to terabit DDoS attacks at the network edge. Thunder TPS™ is the world’s highest-performance DDoS protection solution providing up to 300 Gbps in throughput and up to 440 Mpps in mitigation capacity.


  • Inspect, stop and redirect traffic without slowing the network
  • Automated mitigation and escalation meaning there is no need to do this manually
  • Always-on adaptive learning provides real-time adaptive traffic learning
  • Progressive five-level mitigation escalation applies the right level of mitigation to give users the best experience
  • 28 behavioural indicators to help block zero-day attacks and to provide less false positives
  • Minimal hardware space required to install and use
  • Fully automated and orchestrated with aGalaxy TPS management platform.
  • Distributed detection capabilities within targeted infrastructure, including Thunder TPS, ADC, CGN, and CFW.
  • Unique approach to full-spectrum multi-vector DDoS defense
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DDoS Protection
A10 Networks
San Jose, CA
Flexible hardware and software based deployment
Suitable For:
SMBs, Enterprise

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