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Secret Server is a breath of fresh air. It empowers you to keep privileged accounts safe without the pain of traditional PAM solutions.

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Thycotic Secret Server Review

Review date: December 4th 2018

Thycotic Secret Server is a business management solution which offers both on-prem and cloud solutions. This review will focus primarily on their cloud solution. Secret Server is a web based vault which stores confidential information, including user names and passwords. End users can access their secure information through a browser extension, desktop app, or mobile app. The service can then auto-fill information into websites. Thycotic has a focus on privileged account management and password sharing.

Benefits of Thycotic Secret Server

  • Freemium options for smaller companies
  • End users have the option to reset their own master passwords
  • Recommended by customers
  • Great business features such as privileged account management controls and policies
  • Granular privileges for accounts
  • Auditing and report functionality
  • Role based folder access
  • Browser extension allows automatic form fill outs for end users
  • AD integration with Secret Server
  • Secret server keeps encrypted documents and data as well as usernames and passwords

What you should know about Thycotic Secret Server

  • Enhanced auditing and reporting only available with the Platinum options
  • Harder for end users to use than competitors such as LastPass
  • Some customers have reported dissatisfaction with the user interface

Expert Insights Verdict on Thycotic Secret Server

Thycotic Secret Server is a popular choice for customers looking for business password management. The secure vault contains ‘secrets’ according to Thycotic, rather than just passwords, as it can also keep sensitive data safe and encrypted. This makes it a good solution for security. There are very useful admin console features, and this service has a focus on account management and privileges, allowing admins to delegate and revoke access with granular policies. There are also reporting and auditing functions, although some of these are confined to the premium product. The end user experience does not rival that of companies who also operate in the consumer market but are secure options which still offer all the expected features such as password auto-fill. The UI is not as popular among customers however, and the service may be slightly more complex to use for less technical users.

Thycotic Secure Server is very much aimed at larger organisations, who are looking for great controls on role based access and security policies. If this matches your criteria, we’d recommend shortlisting Thycotic.

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Thycotic Vendor Overview

Thycotic prevents cyber attacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints and controlling application access.

Employees on LinkedIn 273
Glassdoor Rating (76 reviews)
Founded 1996
Revenue $50 to $100 million (USD) per year
Headquarters Washington, DC (USA)
Support Team Location(s) Washington, DC (USA)

Thycotic Secret Server Service Overview

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Thycotic Secret Server Features

Explore the key features offered by Thycotic Secret Server. These features are what makes them unique and showcase what they can offer your business.

Thycotic Secret Server Features

Feature Description
Administrator Console Maintain user compliance by enforcing password security policies, service account and dependency management, granular whitelisting, privilege control
User Security Features Admins can set passwords to auto-change, two factor authentication
Business Features Active directory integration, folders and permissions, local and active directory privileged accounts, behaviour analytics,
Pricing Prices vary depending on on-prem or cloud solution, number of employees and subscription type
Reporting and Analytics Auditing and reports, enhanced auditing for premium users, scheduled reports, custom reports
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Administrator Console
User Security Features
Business Features
Reporting and Analytics

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