Thycotic Secret Server

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Thycotic Secret Server


Business password management for enterprise customers with option of On-Premise or Cloud Hosted.


Large enterprises looking for business password management platforms with a focus on admin policies and secure password sharing.

What is Thychotic Secret Server?

Thycotic Secret Server is a business management solution which offers both on-prem and cloud solutions. This review will focus primarily on their cloud solution. Secret Server is a web based vault which stores confidential information, including user names and passwords. End users can access their secure information through a browser extension, desktop app, or mobile app. The service can then auto-fill information into websites. Thycotic has a focus on privileged account management and password sharing.

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  • Admins can easily enforce password policies and put automatic password changes in place
  • Offers full legal compliance for businesses, allowing them to be proactive in stopping password theft
  • Ability to regularly change passwords helps to reduce the threat of phishing attacks
  • Provides real time network monitoring of account activity
  • Disaster recovery options with automatic password backups and admin database mirroring
  • Browser extension automatically fills out password forms, making life easer for end users
  • Password vault can also store encrypted documents and data

Expert Insight:

Thycotic Secret Server offers multiple features for large businesses looking for business password management. There are a range of admin controls which allow them to set password lengths and enforce automatic password changes. This can help keep businesses safe from phishing attacks. The platform offers real time visibility into account activity and the premium version offers comprehensive reports and analytics. End users also get features such as passwords being auto-filled and the ability to store ‘secrets’ – encrypted notes and messages.

This is not the easiest to use or cheapest business password management solution, but it’s a good option for large enterprises to consider. It offers fully business features such as disaster recovery options and privileged account management. Business looking for granular administration features in a cloud based business password management solution should consider Thycotic Secret Server.

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