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Trend Micro™ Apex One™ protection offers advanced automated threat detection and response against an ever-growing variety of threats, including fileless and ransomware.

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Trend Micro Apex One Review

Review date: March 1st 2019

Snapshot: On, Premise, Cloud based and Hybrid Endpoint Security.

What is Trend Micro Apex One?

Trend Micro Apex One is a automated threat detection and response platform for Endpoint Devices. It aims to protect businesses from a growing variety of threats like malware and ransomware. It offers multiple deployment options and hybrid solutions, making it a good option for large organizations looking for a mixture of cloud based and on-premise solutions. It aims to help to minimize the exposure of business devices to threats while giving actionable insights and controls to admin teams. Trend Micro is one of the largest vendors in the EPP market with a comprehensive suite.

For: Organizations looking for flexible deployment options for their Endpoint Protection Suites .

Not For: Organisations’ looking for an easy to use and configure Endpoint Protection solution, or companies using MacOS devices.


  • A single management console is used to review all reporting of end point threats and control response policies and device controls
  • Protection for mobile devices, with the Endpoint Protection agent available as a mobile app to ensure mobile threat protection and app management
  • Machine learning based security with behavioural analysis to ensure that Endpoints are protected from advanced threats
  • Automated detection and response features that stops and spots threats while helping to reduce the burden on IT departments
  • Advanced ransomware security that protects against suspicious files, malicious activities and can recover lost files if necessary
  • Flexible deployment with cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions
  • Popular ‘OfficeScan’ module that scans files for viruses and malware

Expert Insights

Trend Micro’s Endpoint Protection platform is a comprehensive security tool that’s suited to a large number of users. It has advanced threat protection capabilities, able to protect businesses from multiple malware and virus attacks. However, Gartner has reported some customers report ‘poor threat detection’ with this platform. It uses machine learning algorithms to scan and detect threats, with behaviour analysis and ransomware security to protect against spyware and advanced threats. The optional investigation tool Trend Micropoint Sensor is a good additional layer of threat detection and response for this platform, which offers a manged detection response informed by expert analysis. All of these threat detection platforms are fully automated helping to reduce the workload of IT departments.

The management console is fully featured, giving a detailed overview of connected Endpoints and security reporting. This platform allows admins to control policies and controls across all endpoints easily. The platform has great controls for mobile devices especially, allowing admin to control which apps mobile devices can download and stop mobile threats. This platform is not the easiest to use or deploy according to customers. Some have suggested it can be difficult to use. There is also no support for MacOS devices, which could leave companies with many employees on these devices with no protection method. However, there are flexible deployment options for companies looking for a mixture of an on-premise and cloud based Endpoint Protection.

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Trend Micro Vendor Overview

Trend Micro, a global leader in security software and solutions, strives to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. For the past 25 years, its employees have been inspired to protect individuals, families, businesses and governments as they look to harness the potential of emerging technologies and new ways of sharing information.

Employees on LinkedIn 6349
Glassdoor Rating (615 reviews)
Founded 1998
Revenue $10+ billion (USD) per year
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Support Team Location(s) Japan, Europe, USA

Trend Micro Apex One Service Overview

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Trend Micro Apex One Features

Explore the features offered by Trend Mico Endpoint Threat Protection.

Trend Micro Apex One Features

Feature Description
Threat Protection Defends endpoints against malware, trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, and adapts to protect against advanced threats like cryptomalware and fileless malware.
Threat Detection and Reponse Advanced detection and response capabilities are included. An optional investigation tool, Trend Micro Endpoint Sensor, and our managed detection response (MDR) service are available as add-ons.
Management Console Multiple capabilities can be managed through a single console to provide central visibility and control across all functions.
Scalability All-in-one agent with deployment flexibility through both software as a service (SaaS) and on-premises options
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