URL Filtering for Web Security

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URL Filtering for Web Security


Cloud-based URL filtering with machine learning technology to protect against known and emerging web-based threats


Large enterprises with a number of remote employees working from different locations around the world, looking for a powerful URL filtering tool

What is URL Filtering for Web Security?

URL Filtering for Web Security is Palo Alto's internet security solution, providing users with secure web access through a powerful URL filter with PAN-DB, Palo Alto's cloud-based URL database. The solution offers protection against phishing sites, HTTP-based command and control, malicious sites and pages that carry exploit kits. Customers praise Palo Alto's URL Filtering for Web Security for its clear visibility into their networks' URL traffic, granular controls and powerful levels of protection.


  • Automated protections are always up to date and block access to malicious sites that deliver malware or steal credentials
  • Site risk ratings enable you to easily block or apply granular control to risky sites
  • Advanced capabilities extend your firewall policy, minimizing attack exposure while keeping web security rules simple
  • Machine learning powered by global threat intelligence accurately categorizes and blocks URLs used for malware delivery, command and control, and evasive phishing
  • Take decisive action by turning on SSL decryption, file blocking or strict threat prevention profiles based on the risk level of the URL

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Cloud Web Filtering
Palo Alto Networks
Santa Clara, California, US
Cloud, integrated platform
Suitable For:
Large enterprises

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