Vade Secure for Office 365

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Vade Secure for Office 365


Vade Secure offer powerful AI powered phishing protection, fully integrated with Office 365.


Customers using Office 365 for spam filtering, but who want extra protection against spear phishing and business email compromise attacks.

Who are Vade Secure?

Vade Secure are a cloud based email security vendor offering AI powered email security that works within the email inbox as a post-delivery protection service. It’s fully integrated with Office 365 offering a native user experience. Vade Secure’s AI systems are powered by a data set fed by over 500 million mail boxes around the world, in real time. Vade Secure argue that O365 offers spam protection, but their platform is a necessary layer of security to prevent social engineering styled attacks such as business email compromise and phishing.

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Vade Secure Features:

  • Platform is fully integrated with Office 365 working straight out of the inbox with no new platform needed for a quarantine
  • Easy installation with API-based architecture and instant deployment
  • Real-time anti phishing protection, with URL scanning to prevent malicious email threats
  • AI systems perform real time analysis of network communications by learning communication patterns and detecting anomalies, which provides powerful protection from phishing attacks
  • Algorithms scan all incoming and outgoing email and attachments to identify unknown malware
  • Automated protection means that the service is easy to manage and deploy for admins

Expert Insight:

Vade Secure is a powerful tool for businesses using Office 365 who want an extra layer of security to stop phishing and other social engineering styled attacks. AI systems powered by global intelligence research learn the unique communications habits of a business. It uses this information to spot anomalies and scan all incoming and outgoing email for malicious content.

The platform offers powerful real time threat protection, scanning attachments and URLs within the email network. It’s a very easy to use service, working natively within Office 365 so there is no complex no platform to learn. It’s easy for admins to deploy, with no hardware or software to install. It’s also easy to manage, with the AI systems automatically blocking email threats. This is an easy to use platform offering strong protection from phishing attacks. If your organisation is currently using Office 365 for spam filtering and is looking for an extra layer of protection to stop phishing attacks, Vade Secure is strong option to consider.

Email Security Guide for Office 365

Download a comprehensive guide to Email Security for Office 365. Discover the different email security technologies, how they work and what the best option is for your organization.

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Vade Secure
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User Reviews



MSP, 25-100 employees

Used the product for: 6-12 months

Jun 28, 2019


"An advanced email security solution, which is a good option for MSPs with SMB customers."

What did you like best when using this solution?

Set up is very very easy, involving creating a journal to copy all email to Vade, and then allowing them admin access to O365 accounts. This is much easier than other email security solutions. It allows customers to monitor and report phishing attaack, and stop threats, with granular rules. These rules are more more advanced than some other solutions, with functionality to strip attachmnents, stop phishing attacks by quaranting emails, and placing email banners on spoofing attemps. The service also provides spam scores, and stops greymail.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

Overall this is a good product but there are some issues. Policies are granular, but you can't set rules on a per-user basis. The interface is slightly basic, but it is easy to use. More integration features would be welcome.

Describe your over overall experience with Vade Secure for Office 365. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

We are an MSP organization with multiple SMB customers. This is a good solution for us, as it's quick to deploy and easy to use.