VIPRE Email Security

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VIPRE Email Security


VIPRE Email Security, delivered from the convenience of cloud-based architecture, is the secure choice for combating today’s pervasive email threats.


VIPRE Email Security allows SMBs and MSPs to choose the exact components needed to provide maximum email security in any specific environment.

VIPRE Email Security

VIPRE offers layered email security solutions to combat today’s worst malware threats. Collecting malicious and benign samples for over 20 years, VIPRE Email Security offers the latest in machine learning technology providing accuracy and efficient delivery.

Features of VIPRE Email Security

  • Save time, money and resources with additional services: Attachment Threat Protection, Phishing Protection, Encryption and Archiving
  • Works with email services such as Office 365, Google G-Suite and on-premise Exchange
  • Ensure always-on email continuity with 90 days of retention, 24/7 access
  • Stay informed with top-down, granular custom reporting; can be viewed or sent hourly, daily or weekly
  • Customize protection with in-depth policy control and filtering capabilities
  • Multi-layered advanced protection against spam, viruses and phishing attacks
  • Easy set-up, deployment and management with easy ways to transfer old allow/block lists
  • Granular admin controls that allow the platform to be fine-tuned to your organizations specific security problems
  • 99.9% spam identification and quarantine and a good range of other SLAs
  • Comprehensive scheduled reports and email logs, with quarantined messages stored for 90 days, strong overall reporting and analytics
  • Large file handling and URL Protection
  • Multi-level account rules prevent data leakage
  • Customizable portal branding and image analysis
  • Support teams based in US, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden & UK

Email Security Guide for Business

Download a comprehensive guide to Email Security for Business. Discover the different email security technologies, how they work and what the best option is for your organization.

Profile: VIPRE Email Security

Email Security Gateway
Clearwater, FL
Cloud MX Record Redirection
Suitable For:
SMBs, MSPs and VARs

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User Reviews

IT Director


IT Services, 2-9 employees

Used the product for: 2+ years

May 8, 2019


"Great helpdesk, monitoring, and a service that works."

What did you like best when using this solution?

We've been with Fusemail/Vipre for years as a reseller, and have watched their product develop over the years. They are always there with current security changes, and most importantly a great helpdesk. The guys are really responsive, and even help with issues that may not be 100% their issue/fault.

The reporting works well, and being able to confirm to a customer in seconds if a mail has been received/sent works well with our own helpdesk/customer support.

They've recently added DKIM too, which is another security step in place.

What did you dislike about using this solution?

Sometimes the control panel can be a little slow to load up, and not everything is obvious, but once you've learnt how to use it, everything you could possibly need is there.

Describe your over overall experience with VIPRE Email Security. Did you find this product solved your business needs?

Overall, they are great, we have 80% of our customers filtered through them, and still manage to sell it alongside Office 365.